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How to prevent marshmallows from getting old

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Marshmallows have two seasons. Rice Krispies deals with the seasons before and after the holidays, and the other is the current S’more season. Unless you’re a true mallow head, you probably won’t go through so many bags of fluffy white candy each year. In fact, you can now hang a half-consumed marshmallow bag in your pantry to make everything old and sticky.

How to prevent marshmallows from getting old

Prevention is the best medicine. Unopened marshmallow bags remain fresh for up to a year, but when opened, they begin to fight the air (and lose).

Marshmallows are essentially small sponges that trap air in a network of sugar.they are It absorbs water easily, which destroys the delicate network of sucrose and causes the candy to shrink and become sticky. It’s best to keep it in a closed container, but you can add a plain white sandwich bread that absorbs moisture from the air inside the container to further expand the window of freshness.

You can also freeze them.according to Can this be frozen?, Frozen marshmallows come out of the ice box a little hard, but when thawed they become fluffy. (When it comes to texture issues related to the freezer, water is the main cause and the marshmallows don’t have much water.) Transfer the marshmallows from the (open, half-used) bag to the freezer bag and as much as possible. Remove the air. You can, and chuck them into the freezer, where they hold for up to 4 months. Most commercial marshmallows have a fine coating of cornstarch that won’t stick to large blocks, but it’s a good idea to coat a flashy artisan marshmallow with a small amount of cornstarch or powdered sugar before freezing. I recommend it.

How to revive old marshmallows

If you dig a bag of marshmallows from the pantry and find them very sticky and discolored, go ahead and throw them. However, if it’s just a little sticky and deflated, you can move it from the original package to a closed container with sandwich bread and see if it’s fine in a few days.

How to prevent marshmallows from getting old

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