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How to prevent gardening from ruining your hands

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When working in your yard or yard, you enter with the expectation that if you are probably working with real dirt, you will get a little dirty. You may also have special shoes or clothing to wear during gardening that you don’t have to worry about getting covered in dirt or dirt. But your hands are another story.

There is a reason why gardening gloves exist, and of course, Wearing them makes a big difference When it comes to keeping your hands semi-clean.But even if they are turned on, it can still be dirty Get into your gloves And it’s embedded under your fingernails or in the wrinkles of your skin.

In addition, you may have lost your gloves, forgot to wear them, or you are working on small, delicate plants that need to be handled without gloves. Here are some ways to protect and care for your hands and nails before and after gardening.

How to protect your hands before gardening

Whether you’re wearing gloves or not, there are a few things you can do before you go out. This minimizes damage to your hands and nails and reduces the amount of scrubbing. What you need to do when you come back:

Cut your nails and file

Even if this is not yours Do it regularly, trim your nails before working in the garden, and then file for smooth edges. This makes it harder for dirt to get under your nails.


When your hands are dry, grainy and flaky, it soothes dirt to all sorts of cracks and crevices.Instead, moisturize Your hand— Ideally, use a thicker hand cream before working in the garden. Make sure the cream is completely dry before it gets dirty.

Scratch the soap bar

Just before you head to your garden Scratch the soap barSoap will get under your fingernails. This will prevent dirt from entering and help the soap dissolve more easily when you wash your hands later, which will help you scrub your hands.

Similarly, if there is a tendency for dirt to build up around the cuticle, Rub petrolatum To them so that it doesn’t happen.

How to clean your hands after gardening

After finishing in the garden, take the time to thoroughly clean your hands and nails. Wash with soap and lukewarm water. In this case, a soap bar is better than a liquid, as handling the bar while whipping will help remove and remove some of the dirt.

next, A soft nail brush that removes dirt that gets under your nails, gets stuck in the cuticle, or gets embedded in your skin. WAsh your hands and nails again to remove any newly removed stains and finish with a small amount of hand cream (or your favorite moisturizer).

How to prevent gardening from ruining your hands

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