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How to prevent garbage disposal from hitting you

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The job of waste disposal is to stay invisible and eliminate food waste. Therefore, it is easy to forget when it is working properly... This makes it hard to remember that waste disposal is an appliance that requires at least minimal maintenance.

But other than Do not put anything other than food, grease, oil, etc. What else can you do to bring down your garbage disposal? After all, there are several ways to keep your waste disposal at its best and avoid costly repairs. This is what to do.

Be sure to flush the water when using

Just flipping a switch is not enough. The water in your sink is flowing While garbage disposal is turned on. Think of it as a sip of water when swallowing a pill. Except for this scenario, Swill is a pill, Garbage disposal and pipes are your throat.

Make sure the water is cold

And while we are working on the subject Always flush cold water When performing waste disposal: Move food while hardening / coagulating fat. Hot water, on the other hand, melts fat and softens food, making it easier to adhere to the sides of the appliance.

Run every few days

Even if you don’t think you are There is food waste there to grind, Execute garbage disposal Every few days. This will prevent the food there from solidifying and will not rust or corrode due to the absence of waste components.

Please run a little longer

After turning on the switch and performing garbage disposal, it is usually easy to determine from the sound that the food has been crushed. However, if it sounds like it’s done, don’t turn it off right away.

Instead, allow disposal (and cold water) Run for another minute This is to ensure that the waste has the opportunity to pass through the disposal pipe.You can also add a few drops of dishwashing liquid At this point, it helps to clean the waste and pipes.

How to prevent garbage disposal from hitting you

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