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How to prevent birds from nesting in the worst places

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We may like to see birds, but sometimes they make birds nest of Dangerous or inconvenient location near our home..maybe Difficult to deal with repeated bird’s nests And the turmoil they can create, not to mention the danger to them When building a nest near a vent or fan. However, there are some humane ways to discourage birds from nesting.If you have one, there are a few things to try Unwanted bird guest.

investigate Bird seeds for clues

If you know what your particular kind of bird likes to eat their Desirable environment, you can use that information in order to help Discourage them.If you have your particular unwelcome bird has a blackberry bush LoveMay consider swapping Put out bushes for something that isn’t very attractive..Restricting access to your favorite foods is one way to discourage nearby nesting..

Trees, bushes and shrubs are in these places, so they can also be pruned. Birds like to hide. Opening the space weakens the protection and may determine that it is not suitable for the nest. Mow shrubs and grass give Birds have less material to nest and may move to more abundant areas.

Fill holes and gaps

Another way to prevent nesting is to eliminate access to inconvenient areas.use Wire mesh Covering the attic vents and small openings can keep birds away from these comfortable areas and prevent them from nesting there.Can also be used Spray foam Or wood scraps to fill a gap large enough for birds to enter Siding or under the eaves. However, before blocking, make sure no birds are already using the spot.

Adds a sloping or uneven surface

Tilt the top to keep the bird away from the top of the shelves and railings It’s difficult to build a nest in that place..use Izumi Stretching over the top of these surfaces will not nest them. Or you can use Bird net It was stretched along the railings and the top of the shelves to keep the birds away. TThere are spikes that can be used for this purpose, These are not recommended as they can harm birds.

keep Bird away predator “Kakashi”

use A decoy in the shape of a predator Although generally recommended to keep birds away, it is not a permanent solution as the effects of birds can diminish over time.Some types of predator scarecrows like owl It can incorporate movement and can have a slightly longer shelf life, but observing that the bird is accustomed to its shape and is not dangerous is less likely to be blocked by a scarecrow.

Other visual deterrents include flash tapes, hanging mirrors, or lasers. For real, Glossy objects that move in the wind help scare birds. However, the same lifetime applies to these deterrents. Similarly — oWhen the birds get used to the object, they ignore it.

to add Bird habitat in another area

A more friendly approach can keep the bird away from a particular location by providing a better option for nesting away from the problem area. If you have a corner or grandma on the pouch or in a convenient location, Otherwise you can’t discourage themConsider encouraging birds to nest elsewhere by providing an ideal nesting site across the yard.Install birdhouses designed for specific species of birds or provide a quieter, less active protected area nearby It can help birds choose to place their nests elsewhere.

Don’t disturb them

Once a bird has built a nest, it is important not to disturb it. But. It is never advisable to use tactics that can harm birds such as aggressive pets and spikes. The best way to prevent birds from nesting in a problem area is to reduce the hospitality of that area. Previous Birds begin to build nests.

How to prevent birds from nesting in the worst places

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