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How to prevent bear attacks

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Encountering a bear is no longer just a country event. this week, The bear calmed down and was removed from the backyard of a suburban town Haledon, NJ.. April, police Asheville, N. C. Three bear sightings were reported in the downtown area of ​​the city. These two communities join the ever-growing list of states. include Oregon, ConnecticutWhen North DakotaHas been Experienced Increased bear sightings reported in the last few years.

If you’ve never met a bear, you may not be able to say it any longer. So what should you do if your number is called?Do you remember boy scouts Girl Scout training?If not, it’s here A handful of tips courtesy of the National Parks Authority In case you find yourself on the other side of an encounter with a bear.

Identify yourself. The NPS recommends giving the bear the opportunity to talk calmly and confirm that you are a human, not a prey. Feel free to use one of these fictitious questions if you don’t know how to start the conversation. Then stand on the ground and shake your arms slowly. Don’t be surprised if you approach or stand on your hind legs. It’s just trying to look at you better.

Don’t be surprised. The NPS points out that bears don’t want to attack people, they want to be left alone. They bluff towards you to get out of the encounter, but you have to stay calm. Talking to a bear in the bass can help calm both you and the bear, but screams and sudden movements can cause attacks.

Move slowly to the side. If there are two things you don’t want to do when faced with a bear, it’s a sudden move and turning your back. Bears recognize that humans are moving sideways as not a threat. This is important to prevent the tactics from being attacked... By doing this You can avoid stumbling or When you fall down Keep an eye on the bear (Without doing it directly Eye contact with a bear).

Do not run. If you’re facing a bear, now isn’t the time To pick up Run again.. Bears can reach top speeds up to 35 mph. Usain Bolt himself couldn’t overtake it.

Do not climb the tree. I hate you breaking it, but bears can also climb faster than you.If your plan was to abandon the ground in favor of higher altitudesYou might end up painting yourself in a corner where the bear can easily climb there and get to you.

How to prevent bear attacks

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