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How to prepare for (and survive) a drought

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California Currently in the middle of a megadroughtHowever, droughts can occur in different places and to varying degrees.What is water saving You need to practice now, Previous Drought strikesNot just once.. This is what to do Until and during the drought..

What is a drought?

According to the National Weather Service, There are meteorological factors to consider when determining if a drought is occurring in an area.“Due to different climates, what can be considered a drought in one place in a country may not be a drought in another.”

Droughts can affect agriculture, the availability of groundwater supplies, and even the socio-economic status of the region. Farmers can be financially affected, eat The food they grow can obviously be adversely affected, as are those who work in the hydropower industry and, as a result, those who pay higher energy prices.

How to prepare before a drought

Familiarize yourself with water conservation and start practicing it long before you may actually need it.State of Massachusetts has an entire guide How to prepare for a drought It contains tips such as:

  • Do not flush the drain if it can be used for other purposes.
  • If you notice a leaking faucet, repair it immediately (the same is true for well pumps).
  • Check the plumbing for leaks and fix them as soon as possible.
  • Attach an aerator with a flow restrictor to the faucet.
  • Place an instant water heater in your sink.
  • Insulate the water pipe.
  • Install a water softening system to prevent damage to the pipes (but turn it off if you are out for a long time, such as on vacation).
  • Choose an energy-efficient appliance.
  • Get a small amount of toilet or install a toilet replacement device to reduce the amount of water needed to flush the toilet in a larger tank.
  • Use an ultra-low flow showerHead.
  • Drought tolerance of plants Flowers, grass and other greens.
  • Use mulch to retain soil moisture.
  • Select a decorative water feature (such as a fountain) in your garden that uses recirculated water.
  • Make sure the sprinklers are placed so that the water hits the lawn or shrubs instead of the concrete.
  • Place the lawn mower blade high so that the grassroots are deep.

Call your local water system to get preparation tips specific to your area and home type. Working for someone in a region of the country may not be feasible for you wherever you are, but your local provider has better advice.

What to do during a drought

When a drought occurs, it affects everyone, but it also affects your daily life. You need to make some adjustments about how you live. Remember these actions:

  • Do not wash the toilet unnecessarily (throw tissue, insects and debris in the trash).
  • Take a short shower, Never take a bath.
  • Do not flush while brushing your teeth, washing your face, or shaving.
  • Catch excess shower water in a bucket and use it to water your plants.
  • Do not move the dishwasher or washing machine When it’s not completely full If possible, use a bucket to wash your hands without running water.
  • Instead of moving the faucet until it cools, cool the drinking water in the refrigerator.
  • Instead of using running water, thaw the meat overnight in the refrigerator.

There will also be restrictions on how to water outdoor plants.If they aren’t clear right away, call your local water department to make sure you’re right. Be in compliance and follow what is written in the letter. There is no reason to cheat here. Most lawns require only one inch of water per week throughout the year, and heavy rains eliminate the need for up to two weeks of watering. Endure the heavy rain. If you can use a broom, do not use a hose to clean the driveway.

In general, be careful with the use of water. Take the time to drink in the fridge or put it in a bucket and wait for it to heat up before using it to water the plants. Some foresight and some additional steps will help you play your role for your community during dry hours while you give your general quality of life. Can help you maintain.

How to prepare for (and survive) a drought

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