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How to poop on vacation

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Oh, holiday.Adventure, relaxation, poolside cocktails, and … time for constipation?? For many, that’s right. Celebratory liquor changes such as diet, daily life, sleep, and dehydration from air travel can cause many to rejuvenate, bloat, intestinal dysfunction, and feel unwell. (It’s difficult to reach maximum happiness without dropping Deuce for three days.)

in the meantime Written earlier For travel diet and lifestyle minor adjustments that help clean the pipes, here are three techniques that Oriana Berger, an assistant pelvic health physiotherapist, teaches people how to poop. ..

How to scoop

so TikTok video It reached 7 million people, Burger showed three techniques for reducing constipation. First: Lying on your back with your knees up, find your hip bones and “scoop up that tissue.” (Oriana refers to the pleasant skin between your hip bones, also known as your intestines, or FUPA-my words, not hers.)

She then instructed her to “find a solid spot” and lift this skin with three deep breaths to allow her abdomen to fully expand with each inhalation.Burger said Buzzfeed This gentle pull on the lower abdominal tissue “helps to stretch the anterior part of the pelvic diaphragm. When the tissue is stretched and released, blood flow enters and may interfere with proper functioning and motility. Restrictions may be lifted. Also known as freeing up space for the intestines. “

ILU massage method

The “ILU” method (Named after a letter formed by hand during execution) uses the hand to follow the path of the large intestine and increase food movement. In this technique, Burger advises you to start the massage from the right hip bone, move your hands straight up, across the upper part of the stomach, and move your left side straight down to reach the hip bone.website COVID physiotherapy I will explain the technique in more detail:

Use both hands to stroke from under the left thorax to the anterior part of the left hip bone with moderate pressure. (This forms the letter “I”.) Do this 10 times.

Next, stroke from the right thorax to the bottom of the left thorax and to the left hip bone with moderate pressure to form the letter “L”. Do this 10 times.

Next, create the letter “U” in 10 strokes from the anterior part of the right hip joint (cecum) to the right thorax, across the left thorax, and to the left hip bone.

“ILU massage works like a scooping method in that it relieves restrictions on the tissues of the abdomen along the colonic pathway.” Burger said.. “It also stimulates blood Flow to the colon, which promotes mechanical motility, [meaning] It moves your colon. ”

Abdominal compression method

The last method is to use your knees to “massage” or compress your stomach. Lying on your back, pull your knees and press on your abdomen. While hugging your knees, rock your knees from side to side in a circular motion, alternating between compressing and stretching the various sides of your stomach. “Pulling your knees can squeeze one point and stretch the other, which is a double wormy to encourage a trip to the bathroom,” says Berger.

Not by accident, this is the same method used by knowledgeable parents Help the baby fly the trapped toysAnd get some good laughs in the process.

Burgers are advised to seek professional help if they do not poop at least once every three days, or if they “do not completely excrete”.

How to poop on vacation

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