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How to play as Master Hand in Smash Bros. Melee

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Since its launch in 2001, Super Smash Bros. DX had the same static, classic roster of 26 iconic Nintendo characters.you brawl If you’re a fan, chances are you’ve memorized the list.but the roster For real Includes a special and iconic member of the Nintendo family: none other than Master Hand himself.

master hand for beginners, act as the main super smash bros NemesisThere is certainly no coherent story, but Master Hand is present from the beginning in all 5 main titles: in the original, it is the final boss of the 1P game. super smash brosand classic mode of brawl, fight, smash bros 4that’s why as part of ultimateHe also has a big role in both subspace messenger the story of fight When world of light of ultimate.

In fact, Master Hand is the first character ever to appear. super smash bros game—wLaunching the original on the N64 (or emulator of choice) opens with Master Hand placing the Yoshi and Samus dolls on the desk, setting the scene, and snapping his fingers to count down before officially starting the battle. A cinematic will appear.

Super Smash Bros. N64 Opening

Master Hand has always played its part, super smash bros In the series, he was never a character you could fight. It wasn’t one. That being said, there were rumors that Master Hand was actually a hidden character you could play: Sure, it could have been a myth, same like Mew wasn’t hiding under the tracks in Vermillion City.But as it turns out, the Master Hand is no such myth. There really is a way to play as a character from brawl.

This tip first reached my radar thanks to TikTok account Moonshine Gaming. on their TikTok on the subjectthey show exactly how to play as a master hand brawl. Here’s what you need to do:

Requires two controllers.One is connected to player 1 and the other is connected to player 3. To versus.Mode > Proximityselect any character on Player 1 and move the cursor to the top right[戻る]Place it on the button. For Player 3, do not select a character.Select the blank her P3 section and move the cursor to[名前の入力]Place it above the options. Finally, press her A buttons on both controllers at the same time. If you can choose a level, you’re done. When you select a stage, Master Hand appears as a player 3 character.

Unfortunately, the controls here are limited. Master Hand doesn’t have much movement, but his full set of moves is available via the directional pad and various GameCube buttons. So any match using him is basically a win. smash It’s a tournament, but you can blast your character against unsuspecting friends. At first, you will be surprised to learn something new. brawlbefore that wonder turned into rage at their inevitable defeat.

How to play as Master Hand in Smash Bros. Melee

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