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How to pick up tabs without bothering things

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Things can be awkward and fast if you receive an invoice when you have dinner with friends and family at the end of dinner. Maybe you’re an adult who doesn’t know if it’s appropriate to keep your parents picking up the tabs. Maybe you’re on your first date and you don’t want to give the impression that you’re in a bad mood. Or you don’t want to deal with the expectation that you “borrow” something a little to someone who just bought a meal. Even among friends, it can be stressful. Split your invoice, keep track of who ordered what, and keep in mind that some of your peers may be less (or much more) than you.

If you’re in a financial position to do that, grabbing the invoice right away and offering to pay it may seem like a great option, but it looks flashy and offends others. It may be made to. You also need to be ready to act instantly when the invoice hits the table. But don’t worry. There is a way to pick up the tabs and pay for yourself carefully without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

Plan in advance

Jennifer PorterSeattle-based etiquette experts have said that you can pay for someone’s meal “in several ways,” but you need to plan ahead.

“When you make a plan, be very clear,” she says. “This can be used to split and share invoices, but it can also be used to create invoices. [If you want to pay], Make it very clear: “It’s my treat.” I think it removes some of the annoyance. “

If you didn’t contact us when you planned, you can contact us later. Porter suggests announcing your intentions when you sit down and start looking at the menu. She looks into the eyes of others and she says, “I really want to treat you tonight.”

She adds that you should be preemptive to avoid conflicts and strangeness at the end of the meal.you Please make a reservationPlease let the restaurant know that you are going to pay. Please casually hand over the card to the server or staff before serving dessert. For example, you can quickly go to the bathroom or hand over your card on your way to the facility.


Expectations for a business lunch or birthday are clear, but things can get a little tricky for a more casual get-together with friends and family. Porter states that communication is the key to seamless meal payments. Therefore, ideally, you should eat with people who can predict your reaction and plan your payments.

“You need to be respectful,” she warns, using “clear, honest, and open communication” that is consistent with the dynamics established in the relationship. That said …

If someone protests, don’t push it

There may be times when other members of your party are voicing out that you don’t want them to pay. In that case, do not push. It only makes things strange.

“Let’s make the person oppose it and then say it again,” says Porter. “If they disagree again, listen to them. If they don’t and they accept your generous meal offer, thank them, and you’re done, about it. Don’t think about it. “

Understand where the protest comes from. Parents can find it awkward for their children to pay for a variety of reasons.They may be used to protect you and may be uncomfortable with aging to the position you can provide. they Instead. It’s a reversal of a difficult role to get used to. If your dad gets you pasta and feels good, let him do it. On a romantic night, your date may want to show you that they can pay, or they may have some deep-seated ideas about gender roles. Depending on the date and how you want to proceed with the relationship, the best bet may be to get them to do it.

If someone is strongly opposed to your payment, it may indicate that there is a broader problem between you. “Supper is not the time to deal with financial problems between friends and family,” says Porter. At a later date, we will openly discuss this issue and split the bill civilally in the meantime.

Act from the bottom of my heart

Hopefully you’re not trying to show off someone else or put you in a position that makes someone else feel your fault. Don’t interfere with invoice payments only if it’s good, or you want to minimize annoyance, or you feel you have to do it simply because you know it’s your turn Please.

“It is a great blessing to parents to know that your child can do it and not only have a bank account to do it, but they also have the respect to be polite and want to give back.” Said Porter. “Think about every meal your mom gave you!”

How to pick up tabs without bothering things

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