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How to order drinks at a bar without sounding like an idiot

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From weddings to breweries to barbecues to regular bars, alcohol is everywhere. Drinking is a ubiquitous part of our culture, and while it’s easy to stick to the drinks you know, you might want to learn more about them (or if you’re a seasoned drinker and , you may not know much about alcohol yet). Here are some basic alcohol-related terms you should know before heading to the bar.

Types of drinks and mixers

What is an aperitif?

It is a drink that you want to drink before meals. It could be vermouth, gin, martini, or any other unsweetened spirit (see “spirits” below). A sweeter counterpart, the digestif, is served later.find these details here.

What are Bitters?

Bitters are plant-based liquids mixed with water and alcohol. They are used in small amounts and are intended to enhance the flavor of cocktails. Be aware that these have fairly high ABVs.

What, exactly, makes a cocktail?

Cocktails are more than just mixed drinks. (For example, if you order a vodka soda, it’s not. For real Cocktails.) A “true” cocktail requires spirits mixed with ingredients such as fruits, juices, or other types of sugar or bitters. Call the vodka soda a cocktail if you prefer.

What is a highball?

A spirit in a tall glass with ice and a mixer, usually carbonated. The distilled liquor is usually whiskey. You can also say you want your drink to be ‘longer’ if you want it served in a taller glass. Conversely, if you want to serve in a short or rocks glass, say “short”.

How to make a really delicious highball

What is evidence?

This, like ABV, measures the amount of alcohol in a beverage. Proof is twice his ABV percentage of any beverage. So if a beverage is 40% alcohol, it is 80 proof. Pure ethanol is 200 proof.

What is sour?

Sour drinks are usually served in short glasses. They have sake, lemon or lime juice, and sugar.Some places have sour mixers premade and ready to use. I drink vodka sours and I learned 3 months ago that they sometimes contain egg whites, much like I did when I learned that Caesar salad dressing had anchovies. I was appalled. make your own sour.)

What are spirits?

Spirits are liqueurs with no added sugar, but flavors such as vodka make the water cloudy. Their ABV is usually 35% to 40%. Don’t get confused here. Spirits and liqueurs are the same thing. Liqueurs, on the other hand, are not the same.that is make Have a lower than normal ABV from booze, But sweetened. Amaretto is a liqueur.

What is shot?

A shot is a unit of measurement equal to 1.5 fluid ounces. When ordering a mixed drink, the amount of alcohol will be measured by the shot. You know, you can also order shots without a mixer or prep, you just slap them back and hope for the best.Whether you take a shot or order a drink, the alcohol is his is consumed in 1.5 fl oz increments of

What is well sake?

Well drinks are often advertised as part of happy hour and if you’ve been to many bars you probably know what they are. made with sake. Many people (literally) pick their noses and choose the cheapest sake available, but if you want a better sake for your drink, you must specify it when ordering.

What is a virgin drink?

Virgin drinks are drinks that do not contain alcohol. If you work in a bar or restaurant where customers buy you a drink and expect you to drink it in front of you, your establishment may have a different type of non-alcoholic drink that you can say when ordering. There may be codewords. Drinking alcohol with customers while working. You may see “zero-proof” or “no-proof” cocktails on the menu, but “virgin” is the widely accepted term. They indicate that they are “mocktails”, i.e. non-alcoholic drinks.

Explanation of alcohol

What is “ABV”?

Alcohol content (abbreviated ABV) is the percentage of alcohol in a drink. For example, this is usually expressed in canned beer with an ABV of about 3.5% to 7%.Click here for details How ABV is calculated.

Why do people ask their drinks to be “dirty”?

If you order a “dirty” drink, especially the martiniget the one with olive brine.

What are doubles, triples and quadruples?

Say you order a double vodka sour. That means you can drink two shots of vodka. Shots are defined below, but they are just a measure of alcohol.

What is “dry” and “wet”? average?

A “dry” martini typically has less vermouth, and another type of “dry” drink typically has less mixer. On the other hand, if you order a “wet” drink, you’ll get extra vermouth in your martini or extra mixer in your drink.there are actually a lot of learn about martiniif you want to know specifically.

What does confused mean?

When mixing drinks, the ingredients (such as herbs, fruits, or spices) are crushed with a hard utensil (usually in a shaker or stirring glass) before adding the rest of the ingredients. This adds flavor and looks cool.

What does neatly mean?

Ordering a “proper” drink means drinking by the glass. You don’t get ice, mixers, or literally anything. you’re just sipping spirits

How about “On the Rock” or “Over”?

A drink ordered “on the rock” or “over” is a drink with ice.

What about “stir” or “shake”?

A stirred drink is what it sounds like. It was stirred, not shaken, before straining.Cocktails and mixed drinks are commonly shaken if they contain special ingredients such as cream or egg whites. Others, such as martinis, are commonly stirred. you prefer, but you have to ask if you want to stir instead. Shaking helps the drink cool faster and aerates the drink to give it a lighter feel.

What does “straight” mean?

If you order your drink “straight up” it will be served in a stemware with no ice. Shaking or stirring with ice is fine, but straining leaves the ice behind, so it stays cold. So this is not the same as “pretty”.

What is a “topless” drink?

When you order a margarita “topless”, you’re just saying that you don’t want anything (like salt) on the rim.

So if you order a double vodka soda straight for whatever reason, you get: Mix 2 shots of vodka with less lemon juice and sugar and shake with ice.put in stained glass without it ice. If you do not use well sake, please feel free to specify.

How to order drinks at a bar without sounding like an idiot

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