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How to move the Bethesda launcher game and save the data to Steam

Image of article titled Bethesda Launcher game needs to be moved and data stored on Steam I need to move the Bethesda Launcher game and save the data to Steam

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The publisher behind many popular series like Bethesda Studios, The Elder Scrolls, DestinyWhen fall outPC launcher will be closed on May 11th.. This means that you will not be able to buy, download, or play Bethesda games from the app. However, the company does allow players to port certain account-specific data such as purchased Bethesda-published games, DLC, file storage, and in-game currency. Fallout 76 When The Elder Scrolls Online Migrate to Steam completely free of charge.

Bethesda Launcher will shut down on May 11thThe company is clear This is not a transfer deadlineYou can move games and data even after the launcher app is shut down.

However, we recommend that you run the process as soon as possible, as you will not be able to access Bethesda games and information until you transfer the information to Steam. This is what you need to do:

step 1: Prepare a Steam account

First, make sure you have a Steam account that can transfer all Bethesda information. You may already have one If you play PC games, but you can Create a new one From the Steam website as needed Download the Steam app from here..

And yes, Steam is you that’s all Transfer options Here. Even if Bethesda games are available, you cannot move to other platforms such as the Epic Games Store or GOG, or to non-PC platforms such as PlayStation or Xbox.

Step 2: Migrate Bethesda games to Steam

If you have Steam installed and ready, you can perform data transfers.

  1. Move to Bethesda online account transfer Use the tool to sign in with your Bethesda.net account.
  2. After logging in, click on the account name in the upper right corner to “Transfer library.”
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen and click “Start Steam transfer” When prompted.
  4. Wait for the transfer to complete.
  5. If you encounter any problems with these steps, Frequently Asked Questions about Bethesda Support Ask for help.

Once the transfer is complete, the information will be moved to Steam and the purchased games and DLC will be added to your Steam library. However: Do I haven’t played the game yet!You need to complete another step to transfer the save If you want to continue playing from where you left off, data.

Step 3: Import the saved data into Steam

This step is technically optional, but it’s worth completing if you’ve spent hundreds of hours playing games such as: Fallout 4 And you want to keep that progress, or you are kneeling Doom EternalI don’t want to start over with my single player campaign (note the online data for games like this) The Elder Scrolls Online Or multiplayer mode account-based stats Destiny Also earthquake Will be transferred automatically).

The process of manually importing saved data is Bethesda gamesBut the company has Useful guide With step-by-step instructions for each game for which save import is available.

After completing all the above steps, you can start playing the Bethesda game. Uninstall the Bethesda Launcher app safely from your PC on Steam.

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How to move the Bethesda launcher game and save the data to Steam

Source link How to move the Bethesda launcher game and save the data to Steam

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