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How to Move Cockroaches (and Other Pests) Without Taking Them

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I had a friend who once lived in a small run-down apartment in Manhattan that was infested with cockroaches.When she moved her nightmare bugs literally wherever. (Naturally, that was the main reason she moved in the first place.) if you move from that place slowly filled with cockroachesbed bugs, moths, or other pests; you are obviously I do not want to do it repeat the experience. don’t move You and the Insect Civilization, Here’s What You Can Do.

list of places check for cockroaches

Your first step is to check allCockroaches and other pests can hide anywhere. It seems to appear out of nowhere. If you pack everything without due care, you will almost certainly end up acting like a roach Uber.

  • Book. If you have a home library, shake all your books before packing.Believe it or not, if there were cockroaches, you may find some there.
  • appliance. Cockroaches (and other bugs) love the heat and darkness of appliances. Check everything you carry around, such as toasters, ovens, and microwaves. This may include disassembling flashlights and lights.
  • device. Bugs love laptops, desktops, and other devices for the same reason they love kitchen appliances. namely darkness and heat. Be prepared for an explosion of fear when you pull the case away from your cockroach-infested desktop.
  • photo frame. Insects sometimes make camp behind pictures because it provides a quiet, dark place where they are rarely disturbed.
  • Potted plant. Potted plants and the potted soil bags you use for them are ideal homes for many insects. Repot with fresh soil.
  • furniture. W.When was the last time you picked up a sofa cushion? cThe pain and love seat you sit on every day may be hiding an army of hidden pests. Be careful.
  • clothes and closets. do you have moths? If you’ve ever seen tiny brown moths flying around your home, you might be surprised to discover what’s lurking in your closet. No (aside from the harsh revenge for ruined clothes), all clothes must be dry cleaned, baked, or frozen and then packed in airtight bags before shipping.
  • mattress. If you have bedbugs You’re probably (very) aware of that fact, but it’s a good idea to check the mattress either way. Also, if you can afford Ditch your old mattress and start fresh in a new place.
  • moving box. When you’ve assembled a billion cardboard boxes for transportation, you need to be careful. For example, cockroaches love cockroaches. Cockroaches have hidden seams and folds, and the glue used in their construction is delicious. Examine all boxes before packing anything. This is especially true if you saved a few bucks by getting a box from a local business, or if you’re reusing a box that’s been in your basement for years.
  • pet food. Pet food can be the perfect hiding place for bugs, as half-empty bags provide both shelter and nutrition. You can also pack all your kibble in an airtight container – just make sure there are no surprises in there.

As for those cardboard boxes, they sure are cheap and a lot. Sealable plastic containerAfter this has been certified as pest-free, it will remain as it is.

cleaning all

After confirming the intrusion, the next step is to clean everything up. in short, allYou are at war here. Launder or dry clean all clothing (while hot (unless otherwise stated on the label), pack immediately into plastic containers. Run the dishwasher (again, on the hottest setting) and pack the dishes and utensils directly out of the dishwasher, preferably in plastic containers.

wash yourself—After packing up and cleaning your infected apartment or house, one of the last things you should do is take a hot shower and change into new clothes. Or, if necessary, burn it) and hit the road before anything sticks to it.

Pretreatment of a new house or apartment

Finally, once you’ve inspected, cleaned, and removed everything, As long as you can be sure there are no rides to your new location, you should call an exterminator, or at least perform a DIY pretreatment of your new space. , this is a great time to inspect for signs of worms. Furniture, tableware, and clothes do not get in the way, You can get into every nook and cranny and other hidden places.

again, bed bug mattress cover, because you are starting fresh. These will help prevent bed bugs from getting into your bedding in the first place. Now that you’ve invested time and energy into cleaning every aspect of your life, why not consider it?

How to Move Cockroaches (and Other Pests) Without Taking Them

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