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How to monetize your backyard

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Necessity is the mother of invention, and when the economy turns people around, it’s no surprise. They tend to be creative with their income streams. When you have trouble paying Everything starts looking like an opportunity: Start selling everything you have in your garage. A great idea for a new product or serviceand you start looking for opportunities to monetize what you already have like your own car or home.

Obviously the first thing to think about when trying to make money in your home is Platforms like AirbnbBut it has many drawbacks. Especially when you don’t have a clear apartment or separate living space and you have real strangers. of Your house.However, if your home has a backyard of some kind, you have more options than you might think when it comes to generating new revenue streams.Here’s how you can monetize your backyard so you can take advantage of your property without having to deal with strangers. inside the house.

Build an attached housing unit (ADU)

Build attached housing units (ADUs) or convert existing structures, such as separate garages or sheds, into living spaces if you have a large enough backyard and are permitted by local law. Please consider The little house or his RV doesn’t need foundations or plumbing connections, just buy one pre-assembled and transport it to your backyard to collect that sweet rent, but you’ll have to check your local. Zoning ordinance Be very careful in your area. Some local governments make it easy to have her ADU or tiny house in the backyard, Not all neighborhoods are fans to ease the housing problem. Even if it is legal, it must meet the minimum area and septic tank requirements. It may be much easier to retrofit an existing structure. But if you can pull it off, it can be a steady and reliable source of income. rent a backyardit is actually build Manage your backyard rental home and pay only a fraction of the rent to manage all aspects of it.

make it a campsite

If your backyard is big enough (and a little picturesque), which may be rented out as a campsite. hip camp When tenter It’s like an AirBnB in your backyard, offering a variety of programs to transform your outdoor space To camp siteServices range from delivering and setting up an entire campsite to your home, to simply listing properties available for DIY campers. Your property may not be listed due to its size, location, and other factors, but if it is, This is a great way to make extra money just by letting people sleep in your backyard.

start farm work

Farms don’t have to be big to be profitable. Even if your backyard is only a few acres (1 acre is about 43,500 square feet), small farming or gardening work it can be profitable. The key is choosing what crops to sell. This requires research into the climate, what grows well in it, and the needs of the community. We encourage you to talk about fresh, local ingredients. A farm-to-table move can be a gold mine for you.

If you have brown thumbs or the idea of ​​spending time doing hard work on a small farm doesn’t appeal to you, another option is to rent out your backyard to a gardener. yard yam Make it easy to list your land and people who can’t find community garden space will pay rent to grow goods on your land.


Keeping bees in your backyard can generate income in many ways. You can produce and sell your own raw honey or rent bees to local farms for pollination. Beehives can be rented from local businesses and often include all supporting services, allowing you to harvest the honey for your own use.If you don’t feel like learning the intricacies of keeping bees, you can do the easy thing and rent your backyard to beekeepers who are always looking for space to host their hives. wreath honey Simply fill out a form with your backyard details and an interested beekeeper will contact you.

raise chickens

Chickens work very well in backyard scenarios and can be profitable in many ways. In particular, you can sell the eggs you laid. A hen lays about 4-5 eggs each week, so depending on how many chickens you have, you may be swimming in more eggs than you can eat right away.I have lots of work involvedfrom initial research on the types of chickens you want to raise, to building shelters, to obtaining adequate feed, chickens are relatively Easy Create wonderful pets for your children. Also,”rent a chickenThis is a reality that is gaining momentum across the country.

Sponsored event

If you have a beautiful backyard with access to another road, lend For weddings, events, or photographers looking for a beautiful backdrop. The great thing about this option is that you’re not actually working, you’re just renting the space, and if you rent it out for less than 15 days at a time, it’s often tax-free income. (but check with your tax). Experts before assuming that’s the case in your situation). This requires making some local connections to win business, but when you connect with event planners and photographers, It can turn into a serious steady income.

sell compost

Composting is not only environmentally friendly, it can also bring significant benefits. Many people use their own compost for their own gardening, sell compost You produce to other gardeners and local farms (if you Add worms to your compost, it gets super concentrated, so you can get even more money for composting).Be aware of all conditions have their own laws and regulations It contains a lot of information about composting, such as how it is sold and how it is transported, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the local rules before diving in.

turn into a parking lot

This is a bit permanent, so think twice before committing. If you have a backyard that you don’t use often, you might be able to turn it into a parking lot and rent out the space. Parking is always in high demand and many people are very happy to pay a reasonable fee to park their car in a relatively safe location. I can not do it. HOA rules aside, there are usually local laws prohibiting it. likewise. Therefore, to secure this source of income, You should contact your local architectural firm, obtain a permit (if possible), and convert at least part of your backyard into a legal, licensed parking lot. However, once that investment is complete, you can expect years of unearned income.

become a playground for dogs

Have you ever considered combining the income potential of your backyard with the sheer joy of a dog? Now you can Rent your garden as a private dog parkPlatforms like . sniff spot The yard can be rented out by the hour to local dog owners who want a space for their puppies to run and play in a safe environment. You may need to invest in simple upgrades like dog fences and water sources, but once you pass, You can have a very excited dog race incessantly around your yard. Cash to boot.

How to monetize your backyard

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