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How to make your first floor apartment more private and safe

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When it comes to real estate, everyone has a taste, and apartments are no exception. And there are so many factors to consider when deciding which part of the building you want to live in.

For example, do you want to live on a higher floor and have a better view, but want to deal with being warmer than the rest of the building? Or is it better to have an apartment downstairs if the elevator breaks (or if the building doesn’t have an elevator at all)?

And, of course, safety is another concern. This is especially true for apartments on the ground floor or below. But sometimes, they are the only units available in the building and / or in your price range. In that case (or if you prefer to get closer to the ground), here are some tips to make your location a little safer and more private.

Invest in window treatments

Yes, this is obvious, but it’s really important and is overlooked more often than you think. The combination of curtains, drapes, blinds and shades not only protects your privacy, but also prevents passers-by and potential thieves from seeing what’s inside you.

Install window lock or security bar

Most rental apartments, even old ones Window to lock.. Whether those locks are working is another matter, so let’s start by checking them. If they don’t work, check with your supervisor, landlord, or building management company to see if they can be replaced. Even if you are using standard locks, you can also install additional locks or security bars for another layer of protection.

Make sure the corridor is bright

Let’s say someone who doesn’t belong to your building can access it: dim, Interior corridor with poor lighting It is easy for them to remain undetected. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with the building manager about keeping the corridors bright enough, whether you rent or own an apartment.

How to make your first floor apartment more private and safe

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