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How to make the perfect donut in your car

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Nothing is more stupid and wonderful than playing a donut in your car.Burning tires, breaking the engine and producing a lot of stinking smoke, leaving a rubber ring on the black top is typical. American..

Below are step-by-step guides to get the perfect donut, whether it’s a rear-wheel drive vehicle or a front-wheel drive vehicle. Also Automatic transmission.

Important disclaimer for doing donuts

You shouldn’t. Active driving in public is almost certainly illegal in the place where you live. Donuts are dangerous. You can turn the car over or lose control and crash. It’s bad for your tires and your engine. Toxic tire smoke is bad for your lungs and the environment. It’s not safe. It sends a bad message to young Americans. There is no good reason to donuts, except that it’s completely radical. What are you trying to prove, man? What are you rebelling against?

Pre-driving guide to donuts

Before you start your drifting adventure, you’ll need the following:

  • car. If possible, a rear-wheel drive manual transmission vehicle.
  • There is ample open space on private land and the owner has given permission to do ridiculous things in your car. It can be a black top, soil, or grass (although donuts obviously tear the grass).
  • Water: There are donut nuts that first wet the ground (or tires), reducing traction.
  • tune up. Donuts are hard enough in a well-maintained car. Tune-ups may reduce some of the wear.
  • Traffic cone (optional but recommended).
  • A friend who takes a video and dials 911 when you crash.

How to do donuts in a rear-wheel drive, manual transmission car

The most classic and satisfying donuts require a car with stick shift and rear wheel drive. There are two ways to create a donut with this setting. A simple “clutch pop” method and a more advanced “doughnut from motion” method.

The simplest step-by-step guide to donuts

  • Place the cone a few feet away from the driver’s headlights. So you can see it. This acts as your focus, the center of your circle.
  • Turn off the car’s traction / stability control (which is very important).
  • Put the car in 1st gear.
  • Turn the wheel to the left. It’s far, but don’t lock it completely.
  • Mash the throttle! Approximately 3,500-4,000 RPM is required.
  • Dump the clutch.
  • You should now be in the donut with the back of the car swung around. Don’t panic; counter steer instead.
  • Use the traffic cone to guide and use the throttle and steering wheel to create a perfect circle. Do not make it oval.The oval is for the loser..
  • Steering: The wheels basically follow the momentum of the car, but you need to move the wheels little by little to keep things steady.
  • Throttle: When it comes to controlling donuts, the steering wheel is a secondary throttle. Increasing the throttle will make the circle wider. It will be made when you reduce it. The steering is mainly for fine-tuning the trajectory.
  • Shout “Oh!”
  • If you get tired of playing donuts or hit a tree, stop. Press the brake or take your foot off the gas.

How to do advanced rear wheel drive donuts

  • Place the corn.
  • Drive slowly around the cone, steering almost to the far left (but not perfect).
  • Gradually increase the speed until you feel the tires start slipping.
  • Step in off Accelerator. This will move the weight of the car forward and lift the backlight lightly.
  • When you feel your weight shift, press the pedal against the floor.
  • Turn the handle to the other side.
  • Loosen the gas to about half.
  • It should now be spinning. You can use the throttle and steering to fine-tune the circle.
  • Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work properly. Even the most stupid things need practice.

This guide from the car throttle.com It goes into more detail and contains diagrams and troubleshooting tips, but if done correctly, it should look like this car. Donuts-Porn Videos..

How to do donuts with a front-wheel drive vehicle

If your car is a front-wheel drive automatic transmission (because it’s your mom’s car), it’s probably still possible to do donuts, but in practice it shouldn’t be: it’s a kind of lame, Obviously difficult with a front-wheel drive car, and your mom would be angry if you ruin her Toyota.

But if you Claim About to doNuts, you have two options (and I can’t really say which one works, so don’t try both / neither).At first I’m working on an automatic transmission When Manual transmission cars; the second is only possible with cars with a clutch.

Front front wheel drive donut

  • Wait for the road to get wet or turn the hose.
  • Turn off traction / stability control. This is very important.
  • Do not put the car in (D) rive. Put it in the first, or mountaineering equipment.
  • Slowly move forward
  • Turn the handle almost left or right.
  • It accelerates rapidly. The car should start slipping.
  • Apply the handbrake.
  • You can control the circle by controlling the throttle and handbrake.

Reverse front wheel drive donut

If you reverse the front-wheel drive vehicle, it is essentially a rear-wheel drive vehicle. In other words, the theory holds. Of course, the car is not designed to drive in the opposite direction very fast. Very long..Of your car Engine and weight distribution This is because it is designed for the future very Work hard on your poor car. But if you have to:

  • Turn the steering wheel in the direction you want to go behind the car.
  • It shifts in the opposite direction.
  • Connect the clutch.
  • Step on the gas — step on the floor,
  • When the clutch is disengaged, the front wheels will slip and begin to slide around the rear wheels.
  • Move the handle in the opposite direction.
  • Seriously, don’t do this. You are going to mess up your car.

Further inspiration for donut lovers

You can lose traction, but you’re still Maintain control on most vehicles If you are original and tenacious enough. for example, These geeks can manage to lay rubber on electric smart cars (With the help of greased tires). Here’s Doing postal trucknuts In the snow. And this guy Put the wagon wheel on his car, conductnuts..But here is just to be a downer Some videos of conductnut crash..

How to make the perfect donut in your car

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