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How to make friends on a solo trip

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Traveling alone can be a very rewarding and restorative experience. I am a big supporter of traveling alone. I recorded the time alone in Cambodia, Germany, Montana, and who knows the number of connections in between. I’m not saying “I found myself” in all these new places, but I’ve certainly learned how to enjoy my company. I also learned tips and tricks for meeting new people. Even on a trip where loneliness is the goal, there are times when you always want to stay there and make friends with travelers.

Making friends on a solo trip is not difficult, but you need to act strategically. In addition to being outgoing and friendly, you need to know how to put yourself in the right situation to make friends with strangers. Even if you don’t want to build a lifelong friendship, there are many times during your solo journey that will help keep the numbers safe.If you are looking to meet other travelers along your solo journey, here is our Tips for making friends quickly.

Participate in group tourism activities

Organized group activities are the most effective way to start a conversation with fellow travelers. Sure, that sounds obvious, but there are smart ways to get around it. Before booking an old tour, be sure to read the reviews that indicate that the event has downtime to talk to others in the group.Above the travel center Sites (Expedia, Viator, etc.), Eventbrite There is a travel-only filter for viewing different activities. This is especially useful if you want to do something for the purpose of meeting people, such as organized ladder liquor.

Stay in the social environment

Accommodation can create or destroy vacations. There are many reasons why hotels are preferred over Airbnb these days (eg, comparable costs, guaranteed cleanliness, and a more convenient location). However, if you know you want to meet new people, we recommend that you consider prioritizing the privacy of your hotel.

If you’re trying to make friends, or at least drink friends, there’s nothing comparable to the hostel experience. The hostel has something to do with young students who got drunk on “studying abroad”, but I met travelers of all ages and backgrounds staying at the hostel.

If you don’t want to be rough in a communal life, Airbnb or Couchsurfing A host that promotes itself as social and practical. Also, if you choose to experience at the hotel, be sure to spend your time in common spaces such as the lobby and dining area.

Take out your AirPods

You see, I love good travel playlists. However, if you leave your headphones on, you may miss the opportunity to start a conversation with another traveler. This tip isn’t about AirPods, it’s about making yourself familiar in general.

Take advantage of social media

Start meeting people early before you reach your destination. Friendship apps such as Facebook groups, Reddit boards, and Bumble BFF are all useful ways to find others who are interested in making friends while traveling. If you feel safe, you can add yourself to an existing social network.Looking to meet friends (and friends of friends) at [insert place] from [insert times].. ”

Quick Tip: For Facebook and Reddit in particular, try browsing different keywords in addition to “Travelers” such as “Expatriates” and “Daytime”.Travel companion. ”

Final idea

Travelers traveling alone can become an overly credible group. Keep in mind basic safety tips, such as constantly monitoring your drinks and never revealing where you are staying to strangers.

Similarly: Respect the boundaries of strangers. Whenever you are trying to make friends with someone, make sure they are equally enthusiastic.You don’t want to beThat manA person who interferes with someone’s quest for loneliness.

Remember what you don’t do at the end of the day Have got You can make friends wherever you go. But it’s good for you to give it a try.

How to make friends on a solo trip

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