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How to make final edits to your Tweet

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As long as Twitter exists, there will be tweets that you need. Second chance. Twitter users have begged A company that implements editing features for yearsHowever Twitter rarely makes radical changes to its platform.However, there are some notable exceptions, such as the 280 character limit and choosing who to reply to your tweets. No matter how many users complained, Twitter never wavered.it seems like After 15 years of blogging all my thoughts, the edit button is finally a reality.

twitter Dropped the news with a casual tweet Thursday morning, as if nothing had happened. “Oh, thisHaha, it’s really Thursday again here at the old Twitter HQ. ’ If Twitter discovers anything important, like life on Mars or a cure for cancer, I think the news will be delivered exactly like this.

Despite the snark, the edit button is coming. Soon, her Twitter users around the world will be able to send in tweets to see and correct any mistakes. No need to discard the original copy and start over.

Edit button is for Twitter Blue only (for now)

Twitter is still testing the edit button, so it’s not a full-fledged feature for the masses. like that, Twitter is choosing two pools of users To good result The Kinks: Twitter Employees and Twitter Blue subscribers.

Starting this month, those of us paying $4.99 per month for expanded Twitter features can now add an edit button to our arsenal.the rest of us are freemen just have to wait, Just stare at Blue user’s defaced tweets.

Editing method Tweet work

you conduct You will have access to Twitter’s edit button either through early access on Twitter Blue or the eventual public rollout of the feature. Here’s what you can expect:

Each time you submit a Tweet, you have 30 minutes to edit it as often as you like. You can select an edit option to start editing and publish. After that 30 minutes, you’re done.Your tweet is there, edits and everything, you can’t will be changed. The only recourse is to delete, as before.

Note, however, that all edits are saved in your edit history and can be viewed by anyone with access to the Tweet.Don’t hide your mistakes and regrets Edit them and think. Each iteration of a Tweet lives as long as the Tweet lasts and can be viewed via an overt editorial label. Hitting the edit button won’t save you if you’ve made a controversial tweet.However, to fix a simple typo Or a little extension of the original idea is also welcome.

That said, I’m excited to see how Twitter’s wonderfully creative users turn this system into a meme machine.

How to make final edits to your Tweet

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