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How to make canned vegetables taste better

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I grew up eating a lot of canned vegetables. I ate mainly at my grandmother’s house and sometimes at home. (I love making pizza bagels in my toaster oven and often use canned mushrooms as a topping.) My mother used them sparingly, but that was the only vegetable her grandmother cooked. potato.

My grandmother hated cooking, but I loved eating her food. Her go-to method for preparing canned veggies involves dropping a whole stick of butter into a microwave-safe dish with a few cans of evening veggies and nucleating everything until it’s hot. was included.

My canned vegetable hack is similar, with one important difference. Brown the butter first (and use a little less butter).As you toast the butter, the intoxicating aroma of toasted, toasty butter solids fills the kitchen, letting everyone in the house know that you are. cooking, And distract from the cans lying around.

Then there’s the wonderfully deep brown flavor brought on by golden toasted milk solids floating in a pool of pure butterfat. If you call it ‘beurre noisette’, it’s definitely French luxury.

Two to three tablespoons of butter per can of vegetables is sufficient. Place the ( .salt free) butter in saucepan over medium heat. You should see the water bubbly and boiling, and the milk solids fall to the bottom of the pan. Continue to cook, stirring butter until dark amber, then add canned vegetables to pan and stir throughout. Season with salt and pepper. Works with peas, beans, potatoes (slightly mashed), mushrooms (kind of fried), corn, carrots, carrots, and most other canned vegetables.

If you want your dish to look as rich as it tastes, brown a little extra butter, set aside a tablespoon, drizzle it over the plated product, and sprinkle with fresh herbs. )

How to make canned vegetables taste better

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