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How to make boxed cake mixes taste more homemade

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This trick, like many kitchen origin stories, was born out of necessity. A friend and I were preparing Funfetti her cake for a birthday party and realized she only had 2 of her 3 eggs needed. We thought a glass of wine would make you thirsty because you didn’t have time to visit the store. We left out the eggs, added my friend’s heavy hand oil measure, and baked a bundt cake. came out of the pot.

The boxed cake has many shades for artificial tasting, but the flavor for what it is (a striking melange of overpowering saccharine flavor topped with a splash of imitation vanilla). If you enjoy , you can focus your attention on what really needs improvement. Rubber-like texture. Thankfully, this trick is incredibly easy and doesn’t require the questionable applesauce hocus pocus. Instructions on the back of the box usually include additional ingredients such as eggs, water, and oil. (We’re talking to those of us who buy Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, and more. If you’re using an organic, fair-trade, gluten-free boxed mix, you can’t promise the same success.) Subtract 1 whole egg, add an extra ¼ cup oil, and follow the mixing instructions and baking time listed on the back of the box.

Omitting one of the eggs removes some of the cohesive strength contributed by the protein in the egg.Too many eggs can make the cake hard and rubbery. Instead of a fork slipping like it does, the cake fights and bounces off your cookware, revealing its firm texture. But removing one removes enough rubbery protein to give the cake a delicate, soft crumb. And this is no mistake: Boxed cakes make it easy for the amateur baker (who likely overbaked the cake and didn’t properly prepare the pan, lift, layer and frost while it was still hot). is designed to yet No It will fall apart. The egg content helps make the cake more durable.

Adding an extra ¼ cup of oil does two things. The result is a delightfully moist cake that cuts easily with a fork and rarely leaves your tongue dry. You can also skip the frosting altogether.

I don’t make boxed cakes often, but I absolutely do this every time for a more homemade texture. However, I have experience working with delicate cakes. Note that softer means harder to work with. If you plan to stack cake layers or cover them with sticky or hard frosting, remember to let the cake layers cool completely first. Once placed on the cooling rack, place the cooling rack in the refrigerator or freezer for an hour. I’m a fan. They’re lovely, fuss-free, and just dusted with powdered sugar look very elegant.

How to make boxed cake mixes taste more homemade

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