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How to make a restaurant quality burger at home

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I’m sure you already know how to make Pass It’s a hamburger, but as summer is approaching, the only thing you really have to ask yourself is whether you can make it. Restaurant quality Burger. You have months of grilling before you to complete it, and as long as you follow these tips, it’s actually easier than you think.

A good burger needs fatty meat

It’s no shock that the quality of your burger depends on the quality of the meat you use. For a restaurant-like taste, you should use at least 80% lean and 20% fat ground beef. Some chefs, Like Gordon RamsayKick it up to a ratio of 70/30. The thicker the beef you use, the more calorie bombs you have, but if you want Primopiat to taste the restaurant, you need to reconcile with it now-quality. ((((In addition, it’s a hamburger. You know what you are doing here. )

Bake hamburger buns with shortening

Too often, people mistakenly toast their bread. Throw them onto the top shelf (or toaster) of the grill and hang them for a few minutes, resulting in only dry, technically “toasted” bread. In order to snuff the dumplings, we need to add shortening. This makes the bread less scratchy and instead gives you the rich flavor you’re used to at your favorite burger restaurant.

Use cheese with a good melting point

Not all cheeses are made the same. If you try to make a restaurant-level burger at home and choose the wrong cheese, your efforts will be wasted. An important factor here is finding a cheese with the right melting point. Monterey Jack, Switzerland and Cheddar are usually the best bet (but not) that too Cheddar sharpness — hard to melt and makes hamburgers greasy and confusing). Step up the cheese game, And you will be in a decent shape. If you want to get hooked Become a juicy Lucy..

Crush your burger

Maybe you already know that you should pre-crush your burgerHowever, here is a review in case you forget it. As Lifehacker’s Senior Food Editor Claire Lower “Gently roll the hamburger meat into four equal four balls of 4 ounces and place one ball between two wraps or paraffin paper. Place a heavy frying pan in the center of the balls and press down very firmly and evenly. The resulting patty should be 6-7 inches in diameter and about 1/4 inch thick. ”Doing this will give you a great hamburger crust with the best flavor. in the end, Thin burgers are better than thick burgers.

Cook hamburgers with cast iron

If you want to grind a burger to get the great char we talked about, you need to cook it in a cast iron skillet. If you want to break a burger on the grill, go right away. Don’t cry back to me when you push the whole burger into the grate of the grill. Cast iron frying pans can be cooked evenly over the entire surface area of ​​the hamburger. Don’t be shy about cast iron. in the end, The best way to clean it is to actually use it.

Use enough salt

If you’re going to make a restaurant quality burger The importance of salt cannot be exaggerated. Before cooking, season the exposed side of the hamburger with salt and turn the cooked hamburger over to the other side to do the same. It is important to season the meat just before cooking so that the salt does not draw water..

Do not overload with toppings

If you’re trying to experience all this problem to make your burger restaurant quality, you don’t want to ruin it by overloading it with too many toppings. As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you include only one topping in each of the following categories: Rich and rich flavor (fried egg, bacon, cheese). Creamy and cool (avocado, mayonnaise, or aioli); sharp (dill pickles, pickles onions).

Regarding vegetables, please proceed at your own risk. I enjoy putting lettuce, tomatoes and onions in a hamburger like the next person, but I know that if you’ve already packed other goodies, they’ll be slippery and fall apart before you’re careful. I also take the first bite.Whenever I do onions with a hamburger, I do Dice like a McDonald’s like a genius.

How to make a restaurant quality burger at home

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