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How to make a clevis garden

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Variety is important in many types of landscaping. Decisions are made based on creating areas of different heights, colors and textures. Over the last few years, Clevis Gardens have become more and more popular as they not only offer all of the above. It is the focal point of your landscape and, once built, is relatively easy to maintain. Here’s what you need to know about how to make a clevis garden.

What is a clevis garden?

If you’ve ever seen plants growing through cracks in a sidewalk or between paving stones, you’ve probably seen small, unintentional crevice gardens. In essence, it aims to mimic these conditions. More precisely, it occurs naturally (not on footpaths or roadways) in mountainous terrain.

How to make a crevice garden

Crevice gardens require a little work up front, but are fairly easy to maintain after that. Any type of large rock can be used, Whatever arrangement czech crevice garden—especially popular now—take flat rock slabs and place them upright and parallel to each other.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. dig a trench deep enough erect bedrock and stabilize them. It is effective to fill the base of the rock with clay.
  1. Fill the gaps between stones with stones. soil mix It consists of equal amounts of topsoil, compost, and a material that adds drainage such as sand, perlite, or gravel.
  2. Water the soil thoroughly several times close the air pocket deep underground.
  3. plant small plant mix They thrive in sunny, well-drained, rocky soils, such as mustard (Penstemon), chicken and chick (Sempervivum), stonecrop (Sedum), rockcress (Aubrieta), dwarf conifers and ice plants.

Maintaining a crevice garden relatively easy: Water your plants as needed, pull out weeds as they emerge, and pinch or cut dead flower stalks in the fall.

How to make a clevis garden

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