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How to live-Caption FaceTime calls

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Each year, with each new mobile operating system iteration, Apple adds new accessibility features to the iPhone. iOS 16 is no exception.. This time, Apple is adding live captions to FaceTime calls ( Third party Navi appI explained earlier).

This feature instantly transcribes the voice of FaceTime calls to assist users with hearing loss, but like many Apple accessibility features, anyone can use it. Live captions are also useful for people who have difficulty understanding English or who are stuck in a noisy environment.

Note: This is a new feature of iOS16 public betaAnd a stable update will be available on all iPhones. Fall 2022.

How to enable live captions during a FaceTime call

Live captions are accessibility features that need to be manually enabled and work with both FaceTime and standard video apps.

To enable setting >> >> Accessibility >> >> Live caption (beta).. first,”Live captionAfter enabling the “” function, “FaceTime live caption“Optional.

from “exteriorIn the section, you can customize how subtitles are displayed.You can increase the font size, make the text bold, and change the color to make the captions easier to read.

one time If this feature is enabled, live captions will be Appears in the bubble at the top of the FaceTime call. The appearance is as follows.

Apple Live iOS 16 Preview Caption

What is it in particular The cool thing is that this feature is also Works during multi-person calls Apple automatically assigns live captions to speakers. Live captions appear as floating bars that you can freely move anywhere on the screen.If you want to display only the text (you don’t want to display the face)There is also a full screen mode.

Even better: A■ Apple is generating these live captions on the device. You don’t have to worry about third-party services. Saving or processing audio data.

How to live-Caption FaceTime calls

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