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How to leave a website with the “Back” button disabled

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It’s a typical day. Launch the search engine of your choice, enter the query you are interested in, and then click the link that looks promising. It’s not really that useful, so click the back button to see more search results. However, the back button does nothing. Please try again: Nothing. This website has trapped you and mysteriously forced you to stay on the page or close the tabs altogether.But you are not For real Trapped —escape is within your reach.

The Internet isn’t in the Archetypal Old West, but there are still many dubious websites that use clever tactics to stay involved in the content. “Trapping” you is one of the more aggressive strategies you will encounter, Google says “History operation“: TThe website in question spams the search history and redirects the link to the page. This makes the back button unavailable.For you, your last visited site is, for example, Google or Ecosia.. However, because of the history operation, the web browser thinks that it needs to return to the page that is already displayed.

The natural instinct here is simply to close the browser tab or window, which is tedious. You should not be forced to open a brand new window and enter the same search as before. All vultures want to stay on the site for a second longer than usual. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that at all. Instead of clicking the back button in vain, you need to hold it down.

Whether you’re using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on your smartphone or computer, press and hold the back button to see a specific search history for that tab or window. You can return to that site by selecting any link on the list, even if it wasn’t the last site you visited in that window. If you visit a site that implements history manipulation, you may see horrific links here or the website in question may be listed multiple times.

You can quickly escape from the Internet Captor by reviewing or scrolling through these options until you find the search results page or the page you want to visit.Make a mental note on I never have Visit your site again and warn others not to access this wasted digital space.

Perhaps Google has been working on fixing this issue for some time, but obviously the issue still exists. That said, if you’re using Chrome on your desktop, you don’t have to be caught up in these malicious websites. Instead of using the browser as is, you need to enable the hidden search panel. This allows you to view your search results without leaving the original search page.check out See the full guide for more information..

How to leave a website with the “Back” button disabled

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