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How to know when Apple Arcade is dropping a game

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Apple Arcade is Apple’s solution to mobile gaming’s biggest obstacle: No one wants to pay for individual games, but it’s constant microtransactions are just as painful.$5/month A large library of ad-free games is not Pay-to-win feel Much tastier. That is, until his favorite Apple Arcade game disappeared from the service.

According to Apple, Apple Arcade has over 200 games.offers a lot of options for $5. 15 of those games are now gone. removed The titles are all Apple Arcade veterans and have appeared This means that the respective contract has expired.

15 games disappeared from Apple Arcade

Here are the 15 games removed from Apple Arcade:

  • Atone: Elderwood Heart
  • BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner
  • card pocalypse
  • job without a destination
  • don’t bother me!
  • dread nautical
  • earth night
  • explode
  • life slide
  • over the alps
  • Projection: first light
  • spell drifter
  • spidersaurus
  • Towaga: in the shadows
  • various daily life

When I try to download these games today, I can’t. however,New York game already Anything that was downloaded to your device before being deleted will still be playable for two weeks.So you can expect to enjoy job without a destination, over the alpsWhen dread nautical Until Tuesday, August 16th.

How to know when a game leaves Apple Arcade

You’re not the only one caught off guard by this news.apple Did it Let subscribers know these 15 games are on the cutting board, but the company could have been a little more explicit about itInstead of displaying a warning the first time you open Apple Arcade, or send Notifications to let you know, Apple simply decided to add a new “Leaving Arcade Soon” section to the Arcade tab of the App Store.

that is It’s not necessarily a bad way to let people know that a title is retiring, but here’s the kicker: under of the arcade tab. To know when Apple Arcade loses a game (or To find out that Apple Arcade loses games is a total problem), you’ll have to scroll. Regularly to the end of the arcade tab.

T.here for now No word on what the next batch of games parting with Apple Arcade will be or when it will happenIt will probably be a title for a near release. Service debutbut we won’t know until we see what happens in the end Described in Leaving Apple Arcade.

So it’s a good strategy to check this section often.and meWhen the title you want to play appears on the list, download it immediately. You don’t have to play right away, but oOnce Apple removes it from Arcade, it will no longer be available for download. I do not want to do it Don’t miss the chance to experience it during the period The Last Ephemeral Two week.

How to know when Apple Arcade is dropping a game

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