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How to Kill (and Stop) Birds

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Life is tough for birds, but not just because of natural threats like predators. Two of the top three killers of wild birds can be easily eliminated or reduced.

Another cause is habitat loss. This is a more complicated issue. Let’s be clear: deaths from cats and windows pale in comparison to this bigger problem. You might think of a construction project that is certainly mixed. But climate change is the main cause of declining bird populations. A friend at Gizmodo explained to me.

what to do with a cat

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that free-roaming domestic cats kill 2.4 billion birds annually. estimated to kill about 34 birds per year.

The easiest solution is to keep your cat indoors where it’s safe. (On average, indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats). Enclosed “catios” and supported fences allow cats to enjoy their time outdoors without posing a threat to local wildlife.

If you’re not ready to keep your cat indoors, a good first step is to use a colorful collar cover like this one. These are from BirdsBeSafe, which makes cats more visible to birds. Studies show that cats are less successful at hunting birds with these collars on.

what to do with the window

Collisions with glass kill 600 million birds a year in the United States. Some of these occur in commercial buildings, but if your home has large clear windows, this method can also prevent bird injuries and deaths.

Birds are stupid and do not fly into these windows. During the day, windows often reflect the sky and trees. At night, migratory birds can be strayed from their course by indoor lights visible through windows. According to the Cornell Institute of Ornithologyeven if it doesn’t hit the window that night, it may roost nearby and jump into it during the day. They recommend paying attention to large picture windows, and windows placed at right angles to each other ( both sides of the corner of the building).

Breaking the expanse of glass helps, says Cornell. This can be done with soap or tempera paint, or decals (doesn’t have to be hawks).form), or When bird tape Creates a semi-transparent dot pattern on glass. A screen or net also works. This includes regular insect screenings on the windows of many homes anyway, as long as the screening is outside. looks like a bird During migration season, leaving the lights off can solve lighting problems.

If you get the chance to upgrade, you can block the glass reflections with sun shades and awnings. Vertical blinds are also good for keeping out birds. Leave it half open (but still visible from the outside) when the room needs more light. The external shutter also works and is energy efficient.

How to Kill (and Stop) Birds

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