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How to keep woodpeckers away from your home

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Even if you’re not the most enthusiastic birdwatcher, you can probably identify woodpeckers, especially if you’ve seen them on or in a tree. A pointed drill-like beak used to drill holes of various sizes to find insects to eat, or to make holes large enough to live in, if nothing else. You will notice.

But Apart from the hassle of listening, all that peck can do some damage. Here’s what you can do with woodpeckers and how to encourage them to move (humanely) to another area...

What is a woodpecker pecking and why?

One thing is that woodpeckers are particular about poking trees, but unfortunately that is not the case. They can also peck your home, garage, hut, and other structures. This is not ideal as these holes in your home can hold termites, rodents, and other pets and cause various types of structural damage.

And yes, they are attracted to trees, but they are known to be woodpecker. Gutters, siding, and air conditions.. Why peck metal and other non-wood materials? Woodpeckers also make noise to attract their peers.

However, woodpeckers can be stimulating and destructive, yet woodpeckers are an important part of your local ecosystem. In other words, you don’t want to get rid of them, but I hope they bring their poking talents elsewhere.

How to move a woodpecker

Here are some ways to keep your woodpeckers away from home without damaging them.

Arrange the place a little

Woodpeckers love trees Full of rot, damage, and / or insects, So do what you can to make sure there is nothing in your home or property that will attract them. This includes replacing rotten wood on the exterior walls of homes, filling holes, and removing dead rotten wood and logs from your property.

Scare them with a loud noise

Woodpeckers are they There is a loud noiseSo, if you see a peck at your house, you can go out (or open the window) and hit or hit a pot or pan to help scare it. They are also not fans of wind chimes, so you may want to hang them in areas where you’ve seen woodpeckers in the past.

Scare them with something bright

If you’ve seen a lot of CDs spliced ​​together and covered in someone’s garden, they were (probably) there Drive away certain animals— Probably a woodpecker. I also don’t like colorful and shiny windmills.

How to keep woodpeckers away from your home

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