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How to keep stink bugs out of your home this fall

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We are only about a month away from the beginning of autumn in earnest. This is because the temperature drops, the leaves change, 47 statesthe arrival of brown breeding stink bugs.

While 200 or more Various species of stink bugs live in the United States, but this particular species is relatively new. Since it was first discovered in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the fall of 2001, it has taken what it means to be an invasive species to new levels. Not only do they wreak havoc on crops and native plants, they also invade our homes. .

Once these insects are in, it’s very difficult to dislodge them, so your best bet is to prevent them from accessing your home in the first place.

What is a brown marmorated stink bug?

Brown stink bugs (called “stink bugs”) are typically 1/2 inch to 1 inch. adults onlywhich has a shield-shaped body with striped antennae and is brownish-grey in color with flecks (“marmorated” means marble).

threatened or killed, give off an odor It is often said that it resembles coriander. Luckily, they don’t bite, sting, or cause structural damage to your home.but they can jump.

Why do stink bugs come in in autumn?

stink bugs come in every year life cycle duration they remain inactive.and like Another form of hibernation takes place during the winter. In preparation for that, they move in in the fall. Usually he is late September and he is October.

When stink bugs survey your home’s range and determine they’re suitable for seasonal shelter, they give off a chemical odor that attracts friends and family.Interestingly, they not looking for warmthand have no idea how cold the house will get over the winter when they move in. They really only worry about finding shelter.

How to keep stink bugs away from home

To prevent stink bugs from entering your home, you need to block their entry points. i.e. cracks, gaps and clevises.It is here some way I can do it:

  • Check the foundation of your house for cracks and seal them if found
  • caulking windows inside and out
  • Place weatherstripping around the front door and/or install a door sweep where sunlight can be seen all around around the door.
  • Scoop or clear out accumulated debris and vegetation around the foundation of your home
  • If you have a fireplace in your home, cover the top of the chimney or blind it.

How to keep stink bugs out of your home this fall

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