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How to keep skunks out of your garden

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Some people make inappropriate jokes or behave very confidently as a defense mechanism when threatened. Skunks, on the other hand, emit a foul-smelling spray.

And while most of your time is spent sleeping and foraging for food (including many insects and rodents that are widely considered pests), especially if you have a dog or other outdoor pet , some people don’t want a skunk living in their yard (no surprise). If that’s the case, here’s how to check if a skunk lives on your property and how to prevent them from invading in the first place.

Signs a skunk may be living in your garden

Because skunks are nocturnal, you may notice one or more creatures living near your home after your dog returns from a backyard potty break and before you can smell the familiar pungent odor in bed.

But be aware of these other situations because this is the type of situation you’re trying to avoid. sign the skunk (or some) may live in your garden:

  • Persistent faint musky odor under buildings and woodpile
  • Small shallow holes in the lawn (caused by skunks looking for larvae)
  • fallen plant
  • Damage to lower leaves or ears of mature horticultural crops (including maize)

How to keep skunks out of your garden

The best way to prevent skunks from moving into your garden is to keep them inhospitable enough to make them want to live somewhere else. No, but if you accidentally create a fancy skunk lodging When you’re behind your own home, you might want to feel a little unwelcome.Here it is how to do:

stop feeding them

Feeding the birds means feeding the skunks too. Sure, placing a bird feeder high on a pole helps a bit, but just think how much of that bird seed will fall to the ground and provide your skunk with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The same is true when feeding pets outdoors. Skunks don’t mind if a cat or dog’s name is printed on the bowl.They plan to attend Fluffy’s Fancy Feast.

Stop indirect feeding

Even if you’re not intentionally feeding the skunks, you may be indirectly feeding them by having plenty of fresh produce in your easily accessible garden or by keeping trash cans lids tightly closed. (they are not noisy).

create a housing shortage

In addition to food, skunks also need shelter. Your backyard may have a number of ready-to-move-in residences.some of them favorite real estate Includes:

  • wood and rock piles
  • Elevated cabins and other buildings
  • doghouse
  • Opening under concrete slab
  • crawl space under porch
  • Other partially protected outdoor nooks and crannies

In most cases, these are not structures that can be simply moved or deleted, so do your best to eliminate (or at least temporarily cover) potential entry points and make them as secure as possible.

How to keep skunks out of your garden

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