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How to keep important emails out of someone’s spam folder

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I currently have over 500 emails in my spam folder. Obscure phishing scams, newsletters from unknown companies Me Subscribed and various unsolicited messages.I appreciate having a spam filter that checks for certain email characteristics So my inbox isn’Completely clogged. But what if the occasional well-meaning email is mistakenly flagged as spam?

Spam filters aren’t perfect when it comes to scanning content. Some scams land in your main inbox, but eager senders (such as job hunters or long-lost relatives) are mistaken for spam. Emails are flagged for the following reasons:and how to ensure that it actually reaches the target recipient’s inbox.

If it looks like spam, it will be filtered as spam

While many double-sided scammers have found ways to evade detection, there are some surefire telltale signs of spam email.

  • Poor grammar and spelling
  • all caps
  • Too many punctuation marks, especially exclamation marks
  • too many links
  • too many attachments
  • Inconsistent fonts, colors and formatting
  • Image-only emails or emails with a high image-to-text ratio
  • anonymous or unknown sender name
  • Address recipients by “my friend” or “dear” (or not by name)
  • Promotional language such as “click here” or “free” or “make money now”

Are you creating marketing emails for your business? Learn more HubSpot’s list of 300+ words It can trigger spam filters.

Follow HTML best practices

Text-only email is the most secure method, but it’s not always practical. Here are some best practices for email HTML. According to Mailchimp:

  • Keep the maximum width of your email between 600 and 800 pixels.
  • Do not rely on images for important information as recipients may block certain media elements.
  • Remove Flash, JavaScript, or Active X elements as they are known to be used by spammers. spread the virus.
  • Check all links added to email signatures and avoid websites that may be flagged as spam.

Finally, for those who send newsletters: Include an option for recipients to unsubscribe. It’s not just about avoiding spam folders. it’s the law.

Test your email’s spam score

Before submitting, check out tools like email tester, you can test your emails against the most popular spam filters. You’ll see a score that tells you how likely your email is to end up in someone’s junk folder, so you can adjust accordingly.

If possible, get permission to send the email first

The easiest way to get your email into the right inbox is to make sure the recipient actually wants or needs your correspondence. understood. Most of us need a newsletter campaign these days. The above tips should help you avoid spam folders. If spammers are reading this, please put this guide to good use.

How to keep important emails out of someone’s spam folder

Source link How to keep important emails out of someone’s spam folder

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