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How to keep flies away from your garden (and from your home)

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It’s summer, and that means one thing: miserable and terrible flies all get up in my yard and ruin my barbecue. How can I keep them away altogether this year? How can we repel flies, beech and other flying pests from where they came and not bother us in our garden? The simple answer is: you can’t.Unless you wrap your property in mosquito nets, insects Will Enter your garden. They are small and can fly and you are not their boss.

However, you can reduce the number of flies that come around and prevent invasion and breeding.

How to reduce the number of flies in your garden

The key to reducing the number of pests flying around your yard is to first ask yourself what the flies are doing in your yard. What are they looking for?What they do I want?? spoiler: They mainly want filth.

Houseflies, fruit flies, flesh flies, and molds (!) Are just a few of the common types of “fruit flies” that plague us. They are generally looking for feces, debris, dead animals (including hamburgers), spilled juices, plant breakdowns, and other biological debris. Faithful to their name, they are drawn to filth. They lay eggs on the filth and want to eat the filth. Therefore, if you want to reduce the number of flies, you should start by reducing the dirt.

Tips for stopping attracting flies

The following tips will prevent the invasion of different types of filth flies, so you should start with a thorough outdoor inspection and follow the advice below.

  • Do not leave animal excrement on the lawn. There is a reason why “… shit like a fly” is a common saying.
  • Make sure the trash can lid is sealed and the can is clean.
  • Keep compost away.
  • Check for water standing on your property and remove it.
  • Mow the lawn on a regular basis.

How to get rid of flies cleaning Yard

So you cleaned the trash can and carried away the carcass of a rotten horse on the lawn. Great! But flies. yet. come.. Yeah, they do it. Maybe they’re recreating in your gross neighbor Gary’s pile of compost and you’re attracted to the scent of the burgers you’re cooking and the Mai Tai pitcher you spilled.Here are some suggestions, but again, these are reduce Instead of eliminating them, skip the problem.

  • Use a fan: Flies do not like windy conditions, so you can reduce the number of flies with a fan or two strategically directed to a picnic table or barbecue grill. In addition, it blows the aroma of your food away from it. You can use all kinds of fans such as vibrations, boxes, platforms, etc. Everything is fine.
  • Fly paper: Flypaper strips are good for eliminating (part of) the flying pests that plague gardens and homes. You can make yourself (But it’s worth your time none?? ) Also You can buy them. Either way: the sweet scent attracts the pest to the strip, where it sticks to the sticky surface until starving. (As an additional bonus, I have to believe in bastards suffer.. ) Hang the flypaper in a place where there is little air movement (flies don’t like it).Rule of thumb Texas A & M University“One 10-inch strip for every 1,000 cubic feet of space. Most fly activity is near the ground, so place the fly strip within 6 feet of the floor.”
  • Use fly bait: Like fly bait products QuickBayt, Golden marine, When MaxForce Sweets attract flies, and nasty ones, usually Methomyl, poison flies. Although they are effective and easy to use, Methomyl is not suitable for animal or human consumption, so pay close attention.
  • Make a fly killing game: Maybe you need to change your mindset? Watching flies die is a fun activity on a lazy summer day.Ask Homer Simpson The Locust day. I suggest Zap-It will fly a racket If you want to increase the kill count, or Bug-A-Salt rifle If you are more interested in sports, it’s completely inefficient, but shooting flies with a salt blast is So satisfaction.

Keep flies away from your home

Assuming there is no pile of rotten trash on the floor of the living room, you probably won’t have any flies breeding in your house. Therefore, the secret to keeping flies away from home is to keep them away from home. Make sure the window screen is properly repaired. Do not leave the door open. Check for intruders, such as cracks in the attic or basement.

If a fly (or two or fifteen) breaks into your home, the best solution is the old-fashioned fly swatter (at least, New York Times).

Things that keep flies away from your garden

I am amazed, amazed, and even suffering from the amount of fly-related misinformation on the Internet. It’s as if houseflies have a network of secret troll farms in the Philippines, sending out disinformation designed so you don’t kill them. (Frankly, I won’t let it go through.) Here are some suspicious but widely believed fly-repelling techniques.

  • Citronella candle: Among insects, especially mosquitoes, that is Repulsed by Citronella, it’s a matter of scale. The chemicals emitted by the candles are quickly diffused by the surrounding air. Conclusion: They don’t work.
  • Plastic bag filled with water: According to many people on the internet You can keep flies away without chemicals by hanging a plastic bag filled with water (or water and a penny) on the pouch. (That is, water is a chemical, but anything.) The idea is that light is light because it refracts light, confuses the delicate eyes of flies, and the penny is shining. It’s stupid and it doesn’t work..
  • Essential oils: Add “Flies Repel” to a long list of things I don’t use essential oils..
  • Plants that repel flies: do not know I’ve acknowledged I know if planting basil, mint, rosemary, or any of the 12 other plants can repel flies to a large extent, but I know that. Mosquito repellent plants are lies..
  • Sonic repellent: There are various sound wave related solutions for flies and other pests and pests on the market, They don’t work..
  • Vinegar: Some people recommend using vinegar To keep flies away.I don’t know if this works for houseflies, but fruit flies Called Vinegar flies because they love things so much. Therefore, even if you move one type of fly away, you can still attract another type of fly.
  • Irish Spring Soap: according to This Facebook post, You can keep the flies away by hanging the bar of Irish Spring Soap.Even with this soap Did it There is a fly-repelling odor as stated (and I’m sure it isn’t), do you know how? many Is there a bar around the yard where I need to hang up to create a miasma that blocks flies? Use your head, people.
  • Bug zapper: Bug zapper actually works that too good. These UV rays attract and kill thousands of flying insects, but they are the wrong kind of insects. Instead of mosquitoes and flies, they mainly kill useful pollen maters such as moths, and even parasitoid wasps that kill nasty filth flies. They exacerbate the mosquito problem!
  • Yellow light bulb: These do not repel bugs, but can attract less bugs than white light.
  • Venus flytrap growth: Venus flytrap Do not eat flies too often. Moon— So growing one in your yard will only work if you are bothered by one or two definite Flies.

How to keep flies away from your garden (and from your home)

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