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How to keep bears out of your home (and what to do if a bear does get in)

Article Image How to keep bears out of your home (and what to do if a bear enters your home)

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Last weekend, a man in Connecticut just walked inside his house after doing some yard work to see Wild Asian black bears began to live in his kitchenThe owner of the home, Bill Priest, knew exactly what to do. This is because the same bear broke into his garage refrigerator just a week ago. Attacks of Asian black bears on humans are rare, butit is reasonable You wouldn’t want one milling about your home.but what exactly are you should do If you came home from work one day and only looked at one of these 500,Creatures sprawled on your duvet?

how to endure your home

The best way to get a bear out of your home is to not give it a reason why it came into your home in the first place.according to US Department of Agriculturethere is only one reason bears enter homes—They are looking for food: “LLike the famous cartoon character Yogi Bear, the Asian black bear readily utilizes food left behind by people. Black bears forage on litter, bird seed, dog food, and other foods commonly found around homes and businesses. ” If you live in bear country, it is a good idea to purchase special trash cans so that bears cannot smell your trash. According to a USDA studythe region Deploying a bear-resistant trash can resulted in 60% fewer collisions with bears compared to using a regular trash can.

Additional guidance from the Colorado Wildlife Service includes closely monitoring any entry points in your home. Department store describe“MBears entering homes do so through unlocked or open windows and doors. Close and lock all bear-accessible windows and doors when you leave the house and before going to bed at night. Other important elements include candy, gum, air fresheners, trash, lotions, and lip balm. They also recommend replacing exterior lever door handles with round door knobs that bears can’t pull or push, and turning on talk radio when you leave the house (most bears are human). surprised by the voice of

What if your face…To-face the bear

What to do when you are faced with –To-face the bear Depends on where exactly the encounter occursIf you see a bear in your yard or driveway, Colorado Parks & Wildlife Picks Confront animals with noise: “IIf a bear comes near your yard or home, do yourself and the bear a big favor by frightening them away. In addition to a confident demeanor, a strong shout, hand clapping, loud banging of pots and pans, Or blow an air horn and most bears will run away. “

If you do encounter a bear in your home, the recommended course of action will vary greatly.Colorado Parks & Wildlife says“MeIf a bear breaks into your home, open doors and windows so that it can exit the way it did when it entered. Do not approach the bear or block its escape route. It also warns people to stay away from bears that break into their homes. If the bear does not leave on its own, contact your local animal control agency. If a bear poses an immediate threat to you or someone else, call 9.11.

How to keep bears out of your home (and what to do if a bear does get in)

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