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How to keep a squirrel out of your yard without chemicals, poisons, or traps

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I was laughing at my grandfather. They both hated squirrels so much that they spent a lot of time comically keeping them away from bird feeders. As I have my own garden, I’m starting to understand their obsession with getting rid of these fluffy tail horrors. They will eat soft new shoots, seeds, and any vegetables they can find.

There are various ways to discourage squirrels from using saplings as their personal snack bar.Noisemakers, fake owls, and flashing lights are all optional, but the effect is Tends to wear time.But thereA solution for a squirrel-attacked garden, and it’s easier and cheaper than you might think.

Use cheap ones Trash can for small plants

The answer to squirrel worries is an upward wire trash can. Yes, that’s right, the trash can. For young plants that need protection from squirrel squirrels All you need to do is place Wire trash can Upside down on them. To increase security Tent stakes Also A classic landscape garden Hold the basket.. The mesh in the basket allows sunlight and rain to pass through, but does not allow squirrels to pass through. Their free lunch buffet is over and your little plants will thrive without being bitten by their little teeth.

Create a large squirrel barrier for a large garden

You may notice a A fatal flaw in this plan: What do you do when your plants exceed their basket? You can use it to keep the squirrel away from your larger plants Hardware mesh When Fence stanchions To make your own net enclosure by placing posts in each corner of your garden bed and stretching the net around and over it Up.. Use landscape garden staples to secure the bottom edge of the net to the ground, or Fill the edges of the mesh with a depth of 6 inches (Because squirrels find a gap in which they can fit and go to town with vegetables.)..If you are not used to making your own mesh enclosure, you can find Ready-made mesh enclosure They also buyIt’s more expensive.

Other materials to keep squirrels away from your garden

Garden mesh When Hula hoop Cut in half to make an excellent squirrel barrier tunnel.Cut the hula hoop in half and place every three Feet along the line; tStretch the mesh over the hula hoop and attach or fill the bottom edge of the net to the ground.

Basically, you need something that allows light and water to pass through, but there aren’t enough holes for the squirrel to pass through. One thing to consider when choosing barrier materials is that pollen maters such as honeybees still need holes large enough to pass through them.

The great thing about using squirrel cages and barriers They are Hurt the squirrel, Other wildlife.Your “squirrel cage” can be reused seasonally It can be easily reconfigured to fit different garden layouts.Remember it, as always In U you need to call 811.S. Before digging or driving the fence posts—That will ensure Your local utility knows your way well.

How to keep a squirrel out of your yard without chemicals, poisons, or traps

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