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How to install Windows 112 H22 Beta Now

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The next major overhaul of Windows 11 is almost ready to start, and it looks like it’s ready for the next. Take A big change in Microsoft’s look and ease of use operating system.

Ars Technica There is a comprehensive overview of all the new features that come in Windows 11 22H2, but the main changes are:

  • Tighter security defaults, Required Microsoft account sign-in, enhanced security tools in the settings menu, etc.
  • App update download and energy saving options in efficiency mode
  • Updated start menu
  • New gesture control and interface management

Updates are still in beta, so it’s possible More features will be added before it is published.However, Windows Insider Download the preview build of Windows1122H2 Try it now Early updates of new features and interfaces..

How to enroll in the Windows 11 Insider program

: Here How to enroll in the Windows 11 Insider Program to download beta and try out these new features yourself.

To participate in the Windows 11 Insider Program, you need the following:

  • Microsoft account ( Make one here).
  • Validated copy of Windows 11
  • New backup all of you Important data

If you meet these requirements and if you reconfirm it The data is properly backed up. Windows 11 Insider website Register for a Microsoft account. After registration is complete, follow the steps in the next section to download and install the update.

How to download Windows 1122H2Insider build

Before downloading the beta version, in the settings menu[オプションの診断データ]You need to turn on the option. This option shares selection data with Microsoft that the company uses to fix potential bugs before the final version of the update is available to all users. To do this[スタート]From the menu[設定]Open a window and[プライバシー>診断とフィードバック 有効にします 「オプションの診断データ」 まだの場合。


  1. に行く [設定]>[更新とセキュリティ]>[WindowsInsiderプログラム]..
  2. select “let’s start.”
  3. When asked which insider channel to join, “Beta channel.” This will give you access to future versions of Windows Update, but will be more stable than the Dev channel (less experimental features and settings).
  4. next [設定]>[更新とセキュリティ]> Check for updates.. Start the update if it’s available (if you’ve just signed up for the Windows Insider Program, it may not be available immediately, so if you don’t see it, try again later).
  5. When prompted, restart your PC to start the update. You will be asked if you want to keep the existing data or perform a clean install. Preserving existing data is the easiest option, but in any case very We recommend that you back up your files first. For help, check out the links in the “How to Join the Windows 11 Insider Program” section above.
  6. Install the update. It will take some time.
  7. When the update is complete, your PC will finally reboot again and you are free to check out what’s new in Windows 11.

How to install Windows 112 H22 Beta Now

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