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How to install unsupported apps on older iPhones

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As long as Apple wants you Buy iPhone 14, your old phone is probably still working fine, even if the company no longer officially supports it. when someone stopped making apps for your device. You may not need Apple’s latest iOS features, but when Instagram and Snapchat stop working on your iPhone, some feature deadlocks start to occur.

On Android, Easily install older versions of apps on your device through sideloadingHowever, iOS tends to lock things into the App Store in the name of user safety (of course money). Downloads may be blocked if the app no ​​longer supports your device. but,it happens, iOS has a built-in solution to this problem—it doesn’t advertise.

To download an older version of the app that runs on unsupported devices, open the App Store, tap your profile icon in the top right, and tap To purchase. Here, this Apple ID (you can use Find the first app you ever downloaded,If you are interested)Scroll back until you find the app you want on your device but isn’t technically supported and tap the iCloud download symbol next to it.

Wait for the system to load and you will get an alert that the current app is not supported on your device, but the older version is. From here, tap Download to install the supported older version on your iPhone or iPad. Then you are in.

But what if you haven’t purchased the app yet in the past?Here is a workaround. If you have access to a second new Apple device, use it to log in to your Apple ID. Download the app.When you go back to your old device, the app will appear at the top of your screen purchase Page, ready to download.

T.His tricks don’t work 100%,The app itself should be compatible with your device, but so should the service. It only supports . No version of the Netflix app will actually work if your device is not supported.


How to install unsupported apps on older iPhones

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