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How to install an app if your Mac can’t verify the developer

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Macs have default security features that prevent you from installing apps that contain viruses or malware. While this is generally a good system, it does have some drawbacks. If you try to install an app that has not been verified by Apple, you will get an error “Cannot open because the developer cannot be verified” and the options are Move the app to Trash.

Apple’s installation system relies on a security layer called Gatekeeper, which prevents the installation of apps that have not been reviewed by Apple. Large developers typically go through a verification process, but not all do.

If the app isn’t verified, you should obviously check the developer’s history to see if it’s from a trusted website. A quick Google search will tell you if other users have reported issues with the app you’re trying to install. However, if you’re not 100% sure the app is 100% safe, don’t risk it: use the following tricks only if you can. Make sure the app and its developer are legitimate.

How to bypass Gatekeeper on Mac

Once you’re sure your app is safe, there are two things you can do about it. Your first option is Control If you open the app while holding down the key, “Openoption in the box; click once, then select theOpen” again from the security alert box. This method is quick and works in most cases. If not, you can pass the gatekeeper check using System Preferences. Launch the app (without even opening it) and navigate to: System Preferences> Security and privacy > Universal. click Lock Click the icon to authorize and unlock the section.the name of the app Allow downloaded apps section. next to the app nameopen anywayand from the security box, selectOpen” That’s all. you should be on your way.


How to install an app if your Mac can’t verify the developer

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