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How to help a child suffering from executive function

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Executive function Can be thought of Brain manager: It It’s a way to identify priorities, plan how things get things done, and adjust for unexpected complexity. To do this requires working memory, emotional self-regulation, and the ability to control our focus. SSome kids —Especially people with disabilities such as ADHD —You may have trouble with executive function.

For children There is a problem with the working memory. You may forget where you put your homework and textbooks. Struggling to adjust emotions can easily be frustrating and upset, and you can lose your ability to perform tasks. Affects relationships with others. If you can’t control your concentration, you may have a hard time paying attention or switching tasks in your class.

Signs that your child may struggle with executive function

Executive function improves as the child grows older as he gradually develops the following skills: Organization and emotional regulation.One sign of a child The question may be whether their struggle is disproportionate to their peers.

“Working memory is a major aspect of executive function that is often needed in a school environment,” he said. Helene Taylor KlausFounder of the organization Influential parents And the author A basic guide to raising complex children with ADHD, anxiety, etc... “We teach them how to learn information and apply it. This requires working memory.”

For elementary school students, this may be struggling with the calculation that needs to hold enough information to solve the problem. Or you may have forgotten your homework at home on a regular basis. You may also lose your hat, mittens, backpack, or other items on a regular basis. Executive function issues also include zoning when emotional explosions, distractions, or when you are supposed to pay attention.

“It’s really common not to do what you’re asked to do right now,” said Taylor Klaus. For example, if you put your child in the room and get socks, but you find yourself playing with Lego, you may be distracted or have poor working memory.

Providing understanding and support

The most important thing you can do for a child suffering from executive function is to provide compassion and understanding, as certain tasks are much more difficult for them than their peers. “It’s important to understand that there are neurological reasons they are struggling,” said Taylor Klaus.

Some of this is due to developmental delay, as children suffering from executive function are slower to develop certain skills than their peers. “An 8-year-old child with executive function challenges may be comparable to a 5-year-old child in some areas,” says Taylor Klaus. “It’s about creating an environment that understands, accepts, and supports it, not judging and punishing it when they can’t expect it.”

Teach you how to solve a problem

For children suffering from executive function, this affects multiple areas of their lives. Also, each child looks different. In other words, when a problem occurs, it is important to proactively model how to solve the problem, whatever the problem is.

If the problem forgets to bring a book or school to school, it may be telling the child about the items that need to be packed in a backpack before getting on the bus. If the problem is emotional regulation, it is possible that they have come up with different ways in which they can deal with their frustration.

As Taylor Klaus emphasizes, this is not about solving children’s problems, but about helping them come up with the best strategy for them.Several Specific strategy If you run out of working memory, this includes creating checklists, using planners, trying different learning strategies, and establishing routines.

How to help a child suffering from executive function

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