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How to harvest all seasons without killing basil

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Fresh basil is now available in supermarkets all year round, but it’s not the same as going to your backyard (or turning to a window planter) and picking a few leaves the next time. You need them. But removing one or two stems for some cocktails is one thing: how about choosing the majority of the plants to make pesto?

Since basil’s growing season is already limited to summer weather, you may be worried that you may take too many leaves of the plant early and leave nothing in July and August. But don’t be afraid. Harvesting basil leaves is really important for their growth. Here’s what you need to know:

How (and when) to harvest basil

There are no specific days or months to mark the beginning of the basil season, but plants begin when temperatures begin to reach 80 ° F on a regular basis. Words of the Yearbook of Fame— “Reefing out”. Then, when the height is about 6-8 inches, start harvesting the leaves.

If you plan to use basil leaves immediately, such as when making a meal, choose them when you need them.But if you want to store basil for later useIt ’s best to pick the leaves first thing in the morning. When they are plump and their most juicy.

How to make sure you get fresh basil all year round

If you pick all (or most) leaves from basil plants at the beginning of summer, you may be worried that they will soon be depleted. But in reality, the exact opposite is true. Celebrity Yearbook: Regular leaf picking from basil plants only promotes it to grow.

Consider harvesting basil leaves as part of regular summer maintenance, as well as ensuring adequate water and sunlight. In fact, you should choose the leaves on a regular basis (in which case they will freeze), even if you do not plan to use them immediately.

How to harvest all seasons without killing basil

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