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How to hang a shelf on the wall without tools or screws

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worldYou may want to put up a shelf, hesitate To do anything that can harm you wall. and,Even if you’re pretty handy with a putty knife, the fix Makes holes for screws and nails It often leaves traces. This can be a problem if you are a renter. The good news is there are ways to install shelving on your walls without taking too many risks. damageI will show you how to hang a shelf without tools or screws.

command strip approach

1 The solution is to use Command Adhesive Strips.These strips and hooks are temporarily glued to the wall and can be easily removed without leaving A residue that has made them loved by renters for years.In fact the command is actually small picture shelf It’s just a shelf that can be hung on the wall using adhesive strips.You can also purchase their large picture hanging strip For use on the back of floating shelves.

The downside is strength and stability.Picture shelves can only hold up to 5 pound, this is not a big dealLarge strips can hold up to 16 lbs but must be placed in corners to get enough support.MeIf you just put the strip behind the shelf, They sag over time, bAttaching the strips on both sides of the shelf using the corners allows you to Works with almost any floating shelf Holds up to 16 lbs worth of stuff.

Another way to use Command products on your shelves is by purchasing them. sturdy utility hook (holds up to 15 pounds) and buy a shelf. Designed for use with hooks. (JMake sure the support bracket fits the hook.) This might take a little research, but the results look great and don’t rely on corners for stability.

If you don’t mind minor damage to the wall

If you’re not ready to put your trust in adhesive strips, Or another way to attach shelves to the wall if you’re more concerned with avoiding tools than damaging the wall teeth High & Mighty ShelfThese shelves use a combination of adhesive strips and press fit brackets to hold up to 25 pounds of weight. All you do is place the strip on the wall where you want your shelf (ideally using a spirit level)), press the bracket into the drywall with your thumb, and slide the shelf into the bracket and into the adhesive.

This can cause minor damage to the walls. You move and it’s a very small footprint that isn’t too hard to fix with putty or joint compound (or you know, tooth paste).

Both of these techniques provide some storage without taking up floor space and requiring no tools, nails, screws, or expertise. I’m not going to test the weight limits of these shelves (e.g. he might burst into tears if he tries to put 50 books on one of these shelves), but losing sleep There is no doubt that you can put things on the wall without it. your security deposit.

How to hang a shelf on the wall without tools or screws

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