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How to handle ragweed season

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For autumn allergies the time is near for sneezing and itching(Depending on where you live, it may have already started.) Here are some tips on how to deal with pollen and how to reduce symptoms.

Find out what ragweed really looks like

Ragweed irritates eyes and noses due to wind-blown pollen. This means that you don’t have to be right next to a ragweed to be affected by it.But it’s still helpful to know what the culprit is so you can pull the weeds out during summer gardening When Avoid standing next to grass-filled meadows during the fall.

Difference Between Ragweed and Goldenrod

M.All of us imagine being covered in tiny, almost powdery-looking plants yellow flower. it’s not ragweed However Innocent and beautiful compatriot GoldenrodRagweed is green and so small that it is almost invisible green Flowers.The confusion arises because they tend to bloom at about the same time, sometimes even side by side. To each other’s side. because I sneeze Look around and you will see the Golden Rod.MeIt’s worth learning the difference.

About 15% of us are allergic to ragweed, Other Fall Blooming Plants That May Cause Allergies, including lamb quarters, wormwood, and tumbleweed. This brings us to the next point.

see an allergist

An allergist can help you understand what you’re allergic to.In addition to ragweed and other autumn plants, allergies that start in the fall occur year-round, such as dust mites and pet dander. It can happen, but you may not realize it until you spend more time indoors.

There are immunotherapies that sometimes help, such as prescription drugs that dissolve under the tongue. However, the American Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology points out: Must be started 12 weeks before allergy season begins— meaning you should start taking them in late spring if you want protection by the end of summer.

Methodcontrol of of pollen

Pollen in the air can reach anywhere. Of course, you’re in the air, so even if you’re enjoying the autumn breeze, you’ll still need to keep the windows closed. .

To get rid of the pollen that gets into your home, consider using an air purifier in your entire home or just your bedroom. (I have spring allergies and dust allergies, and the bedside air purifier was an absolute game changer in allowing me to rest without constant allergy symptoms.)

Next, consider another way pollen can enter from the outside. Pollen can stick to your clothes, so it is recommended that you change your clothes when you get home, and if you have been out a lot that day, take a shower and wash your hair. Never sleep in clothes with pollen on them.

Pets can also carry pollen on their fur, so be carefulyou can bathe your pet more often and limit outdoor access if appropriate.and At the very least, wash your hands after petting.

In the weather app, you can check the pollen count for the day. This is where it really helps to know what you’re allergic to. So if you’re concerned about ragweed pollen, you can check for ragweed pollen. Or a cold and calm day is a little relieved.

How to handle ragweed season

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