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How to go crazy at karaoke even if you can’t sing

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Have you ever been to karaoke and watched other people get on stage with envy? Can’t do it and just discovered the existence of a soggy pasta stage? The Champs “Tequila”.

Although almost entirely instrumental, this universally loved tune should be in any self-respecting karaoke DJ’s library. (However, they may have never asked for it before you.)

Why “Tequila” Is The Perfect Karaoke Song

“Tequila” is a perfect song for a comedic, untalented performance for four reasons.

  • Everyone knows and likes “tequila”, but few people have heard it in karaoke.
  • The Champs structured the song around three climactic hooks that a highly intoxicated performer could deliver without requiring any musical skill.it is even about Liquor.
  • It’s an audience-participation song that makes everyone want to shout “Tequila!” You and.
  • It’s very short, just over 2 minutes. I don’t want to prolong the welcome with something like this.

How (and when) to sing “Tequila”

When and where you sing “Tequila” is important. Not great for a sparse room or a start to the night. This is a “Midnight” song that works best in a room full of relaxed, nervous people who are starting to get tired of tinkering with popular ballads.

People who pick this song and shout “Tequila!” Many people enjoy karaoke when the time is right, but if you’re outgoing, dedicated, and don’t mind being naive, you can elevate “tequila.” In other words, make it performance.

A major component of public performance is commitment. If you expect other people to pay attention to you in any situation – karaoke bar, public speaking, etc. – at least pretend to be confident in what you are doing or saying. Remember: Everyone comes to this bar to have fun, make a fool of themselves, and watch others make a fool of themselves. The only thing you’re really doing wrong is looking uncomfortable.

Here are some performance suggestions to get you started: don’t practiceI’m looking for a sense of improvisation, playing as if no effort was put into it. I mean, what kind of weirdo would seriously practice something silly like singing “tequila” in his bar at karaoke, much less analyze why it matters most. perfect karaoke song


Keep the energy as low as possible in the first section of the song. You want to look like you’re anticipating the big moment. Stand up straight, nod your head slightly, and move your lips to count every bar. Look at your wrist from time to time. It’s more fun without a watch.

When the “Tequila!” You’re basically ripping the bits off Andy Kaufman’s “Mighty Mouse.”

Section 2

Now let’s loosen up a little. It doesn’t have to be big, but it looks like you’re having fun. Clap along when you hit the offbeat correctly. Move your shoulders slightly. Please keep your head down. Make eye contact with your audience. Point at the person when you yell “Tequila!”

Section 3

You probably guessed where this goes: pee wee herman danceThe audience has been waiting for you to do this for the entire song and you’re going to give people what they want. Not necessarily all (unless you’re the dancing type). A point behind you/a point in front of you is enough.

As the end of the song nears, feel free to say “Guys!” And point/finger shoot your audience. The most tense karaoke on earth everyone in the place shouts the final climax, “TEQUILA!” You and.

No, you shouldn’t choose rap songs instead

You may be thinking, “If I wanted to do a karaoke song that didn’t require me to sing, I would choose a rap song.” don’t do this.

Vocals require both pitch and time signature, and rap vocals are often very rhythmically complex (unlike “tequila”). Unless you know you can play a particular song, even if you’ve heard it a million times, you’ve ruined your rap and will be on stage mumbling for minutes.

How to go crazy at karaoke even if you can’t sing

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