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How to get through customs and immigration as quickly as possible

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If you’re like most people, the thought of going through customs and immigration at the airport can be stressful. it doesn’t have to be that scary It happens often. The next time you travel abroad and need to return to the US, here’s how you can get it. Make immigration smoother.

Things to do before booking

before booking a flightcOnsider schedule and load. Save time at customs and immigration by flying on days and times when there are less busy flights, and on less crowded flights.tools like expert flyer (For per $99.99 a year annual premium subscription, or per $4.99 of the month Basic subscription) allows you to explore schedules and flight loads (and There are many other tools available).

Check Priority Programs

Some airports offer Fast Track programs. Also Access is based on your boarding status or class of service. An access fee may apply. fast track service. The best way to find out if these services exist is to google the airport name + fast track immigration.

sit in the front of the plane (and Hustle)

If your flight is full and you are landing during a busy time, please plan:Hustle ahead after getting off the plane. The more people in line in front of you on your way to immigration, the less you will have to queue in the back. save that trip to Baggage claim and toilets waiting for luggage after customs clearance.

These programs help you get through customs and immigration faster with little or no waiting. Instead of waiting in line to speak to Border Patrol, you can go to a Global Entry Kiosk (even if you have a NEXUS). Confirm some information on the screen. Might be so Once you get the printout (depending on the exact type of machine you have) you can Go through customs and immigration smoothly. A significant number of credit cards will refund the $100 Global Entry application fee., Some even refund the $50 NEXUS application fee.

Get the Mobile Passport App ( android, iOS)

If you have Global Entry or NEXUS, you still need to download the Mobile Passport App. This app allows you to fill out customs declarations on your mobile phone before you arrive at the airport. If you don’t have Global Entry, it’s your best bet to get through customs and immigration faster. However, even with Global Entry, For Global Entry you will see another option Backed up. but, Please note that you must use this method to enter the country after completing your mobile passport.

How to get through customs and immigration as quickly as possible

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