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How to Get the Best Deals on Event Tickets

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ticket revenue far above After the lull caused by the COVID-19 lockdown.we may I do not want to do it With live events once again taken for granted, it seems every major artist is now touring to make up for lost time. So there are plenty of opportunities to meet your favorite acts, teams, or entertainers. However, all this fun is available (And, as you know, inflation), it’s worth Trying to save a few bucks since festival, shows and games are already quite expensive. Let’s take a look at some of the leading ticket sales platforms and decide which one is best for you.

This is what frequent ticket buyers say

your best bet, According to Redditors in the know, by going to the box office in the arena or event space to purchase a ticket. Buying direct usually results in significantly lower fees. Of course, that’s not always an option for events with waiting lists or for which you’re planning to travel. In addition, buying tickets online is very convenient. worth a few extra bucks to youMake sure you’re not spending that too a lot of extra money.

of most recommended Reddit’s ticket sales app farSeatGeek, TickPick. vivid sheet Some have been mentioned, but big players like Ticket Master and Stubhub have been widely criticized for all the fees they charge on their prices.

Test your ticket platform

Let’s test the main site in action. ticketAster, Stub HUB, vivid sheet, seat geekWhen tick pickThere is also a service called . game time We’ll see, but this is specifically for last-minute get s. For our purposes, let’s say we want to go to the game at Yankee Stadium on September 20th.ombers will face the Pittsburgh Pirates. He buys two tickets in section 231, line 10.

Ticketmaster: ticketAster lists the full price per ticket as $73.75 each, split between $62 per ticket and the $11.75 fee. This is a plus because you pay more upfront than many sites, but these fees are expensive. Additionally, that total should be $147.50 for his two tickets, but is asked for $150.80 at checkout. There is another fee somewhere, which is not broken down or explained.Even at Ticket MThe aster’s strength is the fact that it displays a picture of what the field looks like from those seats.

sheet geek: SeatGeek also shows the total price, including fees, but it’s $61 per ticket for Ticketm.$73.75 for Aster. Each ticket costs $18, more than Ticketm.Aster’s, but each ticket without fees costs $43. Happily, SeatGeek says you’ll pay $61 for each, which should add up to $122, but shows a total of $120.76 at checkout. No explanation, but you shouldn’t put a gift horse in your mouth. Again, SeatGeek will show you a picture of what the field looks like from your seat.

vivid seats: For the same tickets, Vivid Seats charges $53.66 each, of which $13.66 is a fee. That’s lower than SeatGeek and much lower than Ticketm.Aster. Once again, figure out what your view will look like. Vivid Seats took the lead. at checkout, no add commission.

Stub hub: Stub Hub does not list any tickets for section 231, line 10. This shows that not only are the prices different between these platforms, but the selection is also different. For comparison, let’s look at the two tickets in line 1 of the same section. They are listed at $50 each, which includes “estimated taxes and service charges” but does not include fulfillment fees. That fulfillment fee ends up at $2.48 each. , so the total amount you will pay is $105.61. Stub Hub doesn’t even show a picture of the expected view.

tick pick: TickPick lists tickets for selected sections and rows for $50 and keeps true to its promise of ‘no service charge’. There is a flat fee of $100 for two players to join the game. You also get a very rare photo of what the field looks like from your seat.

Well, about game timeTickets on this platform are more limited and the site is designed for ‘last minute’ purchases. Section 231 only has one set of seats, but row 7 has two seats side by side. and $17 each. Including the fees, it’s $28 each and there are no additional processing fees, so the total is $56.

If you don’t care about specific seats, GameTime is for you.if you conduct If you care about being in a specific location or want to have options and plan ahead, TickPick is the best, followed by Vivid Seats. It depends on the popularity and frequency of what you are trying to do.but this field test aligns with what frequent buyers on Reddit say, so at least you can rest assured that Ticketm is ruled out.Aster and Sheet GEek from a jump.

How to Get the Best Deals on Event Tickets

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