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How to Get Glasses and Contacts Without a Modern Prescription

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Although we highly recommend seeing an ophthalmologist and regularly renewing your prescription, it can be disruptive.You are Your glasses can be broken or lost just weeks after your old prescription expires, or you may need a spare pair of glasses or contacts. but,o Getting new glasses or contacts usually requires a current prescription —However, there is a way around it in a pinch.

Order contacts from abroad

This tip is from RedditHowever, you should know up front that the subreddit’s moderators deleted the original post hours after it was posted. (Again, you should use as recent a prescription as possible.) According to a now-silent Redditor, you can now order contact lenses from the UK to a US address without needing proof of prescription. increase.

Many commenters recommend the site lensstore.co.ukbut others, even US brands, 1-800 contact addresswhich usually fills orders, even if it stinks of an expired prescription. explained“They check [with your eye doctor] But if they don’t respond fast enough, they will process the order. ”

use an online retailer

online eyewear retailers such as all the wayyou may be asked to enter the prescription manually, I usually don’t do more than that. Just type. what to enter in the first placeHowever, you may need to be careful. Some ophthalmologists won’t give you a prescription even if you call them. They know you’re trying to buy from somewhere else and they don’t like it. Still, it’s your prescription and you have a right to it, so go for it.

it’s a good idea to ask for a copy of You will receive a prescription each time you have your eyes examined and get new glasses or contacts from your regular optometrist.If you don’t have a copy and they refuse to give you detailsa little white lie might make it easier to bend :SOh You are creating your own personal medical record and just want everything up to date.

a little inside story

This worked for me last year.The online retailer wouldn’t accept my glasses order without proof of my prescription.I’ve already run out of mine. The eyeglass allowance from the insurance company for that year, i wanted another I found a pair on the internet.Me It was entered into my regular prescription but they were asking for more confirmation. rice field. This continued for about 4 emails, but finally I received notification that my order had been shipped without any warning.

this worked Retailers want to make money. As the Redditor said above, if they don’t get confirmation in time, they probably won’t throw away your chance to get your cash. choice. It’s their job to receive your payment.

How to Get Glasses and Contacts Without a Modern Prescription

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