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How to get a resume through an automatic applicant tracking system

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about 75% of recruiters Use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for the recruitment processn Higher percentage (About 99%) Understanding how ATS for Fortune 500 companies works will improve marketability to potential employers, stand out from other candidates in the recruitment pool, and ultimately push. can. Your resume goes past ATS and into the hands of human recruiters.

how Does the ATS system work?

ATS —Sometimes called resume screening software —It ’s a technology that companies do. Used to automate certain aspects of the hiring process. ATS scans and confirms resumes and CVs, accepts job applications and manages candidates Looking for the right position At the company.

Top employers receive hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of applications for their open positions. When ATS Manage its inflow When Supporting companies Maintain EEOC compliance.. This is The features of most applicant tracking systems are:

  • Candidate procurement
  • Resume storage
  • filter
  • Keyword search
  • Communication with applicants
  • work-Post management
  • Automated email customization
  • Interview tool
  • Analysis and reporting

How to write a resume suitable for ATS

Resume suitable for ATS is provided by human recruiters Look at it. Here are some things to keep in mind before applying for your next job:

Choose the appropriate ATS format

ATS can only review your resume if it is properly formatted. The easiest way for ATS to read your resume Reverse order in chronological order.. Your latest relevant work experience should be listed at the top of your resume, followed by less recent or less relevant information at the bottom.

Use standard headings for tables, columns, headers, And footer

A standardized heading section allows ATS to understand what comes next to your resume. Use plain and simple words for headings, as the system may not recognize gimmicks or anomalous headers.

Even advanced ATS has problems scanning resume tables and columns, as information can be confused and confusing ATS. Avoid tables, columns, headers and footers to keep your resume ATS compatible and organized.

Please select the appropriate file type

Two common file types that applicants use for their resumes are .docx or .pdf. PDF usually keeps its format, but .docx is better for making your resume more suitable for ATS. If your employer requests a PDF or other file type, it’s best to follow the instructions. But if possibleVacancy All other file types When submitting a resume.

Include keywords from job description

A well-written resume contains specific keywords that match the job description of the role you are applying for. but, Avoid stuffing your resume with keywords Just for that. Use keywords in the appropriate context to fit your job description and describe your past work experience.

Use the appropriate font

Some applicant tracking systems only accept certain fonts in your resume. Easy to read Use commonly used fonts to make your resume easier to read. The following are examples of fonts that can be used.

  • Calibri
  • Arial
  • Times New Roman
  • Helvetica

Use simple and concise bullets

Choose Short bullets Start the sentence with a powerful action verb. Bullets emphasize the most relevant information and convey skills and achievements faster than long-drawn sentences.

Maintain a clean resume design

When applying for graphic design, complex or artistic designs may be suitable Positions, but in general, ATS-friendly resumes are simple, clean, and professionally designed.

As job seekers want Clear and easy-to-read job listings pageRecruiters want to find important information about you and your experience in organized documentation. There are many professional design templates available online that you can use to create your resume.

Consider scanning your completed resume

Once you have a resume suitable for ATS, consider running your resume on an online test website such as: Jobscan, Resymatch.io, resumeAlso Skill sinker.. These sites determine if your resume will pass the standard ATS.

How to get a resume through an automatic applicant tracking system

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