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How to fix a stuck PS5 disc

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If you’ve spent an extra $100 on a disc-based PS5, you don’t want a stuck CD turning it into an expensive digital model. But when disaster strikes, say: When we were kidsInsert the mini CD into the Playstation, it is not clear how to eject the disc. Luckily, there are ways to remove this blockage and free up your PS5’s disc drive again. One just happens to be easier than the other.

I described a similar procedure Fix PS4 That Can’t Read Discs In the past, you could try up to 5 different methods before solving a problem. Luckily, you don’t have to do much troubleshooting if your disk is stuck. The problem is in the disk drive, and it’s easy to manually clear the blockages from the drive if something goes wrong. Sony included a sort of shortcut on the drive to keep it safe.Check your disk, but it’s not a guaranteed solution.If it doesn’t work, you can try something a little more difficultyou can see that it actually opens the disk drive itself.

The ‘easy’ way to remove a stuck disc from your PS5

If possible, try this method first.less involved and relatively fast. as demonstrated by This excellent What Happens When video, you need to completely unplug your PS5 from power first.conduct No If you have a PS5 connected, try to do something. Next, you’ll need to remove the bottom plate if you haven’t done so already. You can then quickly remove the bottom case.now You can use a screwdriver to manually push out anything inside the disk drive by simply turning the black sticker covered screw clockwise.

If it works like the What Happens When video, minutes.

How to Manually Remove Stuck Disk from PS5

The “Hard” Way to Fix a Stuck PS5 Disc

The harder path is most likely to solve the problem for everyone, but it is much more complicated. 8 1/2 minute walkthrough of the CD247 repair centerstarts with the same idea as the easy method, but instead of manually moving the discs with a screwdriver, you have to remove the PS5’s inner case one by one. break the warrantyIf you want to keep your warranty intact, stop here and bring your PS5 in for official repair.

But let’s say you want to move forward.as you follow Keep removing parts and keep track of which screws go where. Keep similar screws together and away from other screws, such as fan screws. This process is simple, but tedious, Selection subject Mixing different screws gives me a headache.

PS5 Disc Stuck in Drive and Won’t Eject – How to Fix Blu Ray Drive Issues

The end goal here is to completely remove the disk drive. Of course you’ll remove a lot of screws along the way, but instead you’ll need to disconnect two wires from the board. Then carefully lift the still-attached lid to loosen the remaining barrier between you and the stuck disc.

worldI can do it Take the disc out of here and reverse course to close it all out. However, CD247 recommends making sure the CD roller (the mechanism that slides the CD in and out of the PS5) bounces easily. Plus, you can give the WD40 a quick wipe to make sure everything inside this case is clean and dust-free. Be careful with laser readers, as damage can render discs unreadable.

How to fix a stuck PS5 disc

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