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How to fix a broken ice maker

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In the days before modern refrigerators and freezers, ice making and storage was an entire industry, and for a long time having a few ice cubes to cool drinks was something only the wealthy could afford. Of course, that’s no longer the case for most people. There are many refrigerators/freezers today. Ice making automatically.

However, no matter how good the ice machine is, sometimes it doesn’t work as expected. If you find yourself in such a situation, here are some ways to troubleshoot and fix it. A broken ice machine.

How to fix a broken ice maker

Before calling a professional to fix your broken ice maker, check to see if your problem is one of the following common (and easy to fix) problems.

there is a big chunk that blocks everything

sometimes the ice partially thawed and refrozen Large chunks of ice remain in the ice maker, clogging the chute and preventing ice from entering the glass.

Resolution: Use a wooden spoon to find chunks and try to remove them if they are not already visible. If that doesn’t work, pour warm water over the chunks to dissolve them (have a towel handy for cleanup).

old water purifier

some refrigerators Stop ice making automatically When you need to replace your water purifier.

Resolution: Install a new water filter when the refrigerator indicates that it is time to replace it.

Freezer is set to the wrong temperature

your thermostat Your refrigerator/freezer may be set to the wrong temperatureand as a result, no ice is produced.

Resolution: Check the ice machine. If the water in the mold does not completely solidify into ice, chill the freezer slightly. If you have ice But if it’s frosty or stuck, try setting your freezer to a slightly warmer temperature.

ice sticking to the mold

Check if the ice maker mold is broken. partially filled with iceIn that case, the ice maker may decide that the mold is full and no new ice needs to be made.

Resolution: Add lukewarm water to the mold to melt and refreeze the ice inside.when the water Remove the ice as usual until the mold is empty.After that it is fresh batch of ice.

Tried everything else and still no ice

Resolution: If all else fails, turn the ice maker (or the whole refrigerator if you prefer) on and off and see if that helps. (It is worth seeing. )

How to fix a broken ice maker

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