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How to Find the Best Neighborhoods for Trick or Treating

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I’m deeply suspicious of “safe” Halloween events like trick-or-treating at the mall or taking candy out of the trunk of someone’s car. , and nothing else. But it has to be done in the right area.

Whether you’re taking the kids on a door-to-door candy hunt or going bag stealing, finding the right place to trick or treat is important. We’re looking for the perfect combination of low proportions, safety, and the hard-to-define unique Halloween vibe that makes the holiday so special. Here’s how to find a neighborhood that ticks all the boxes .

avoid the suburbs

according to some urban design experta neighborhood that is well designed for trick-or-treating is a neighborhood that is well designed for everything else. , and suburban neighborhoods with a typical car-centric design are usually terrible for trick-or-treating because you can’t walk. ) are generally better suited for trick-or-treating than the districts built during the suburbanization boom. E.T..

Consider neighborhood traffic

no need to stress Drug addict dropping LSD on Halloween candybut you really have to worry about the car. Children are about twice as likely Traffic deaths on Halloween are higher than on an average fall night, so low-risk areas should be considered first.

In some cities, neighborhoods actually block car traffic for several hours on Halloween night.That’s the best case scenario, but if not your In cities, look for neighborhoods with wide sidewalks separated from the street by trees or grass because nobody runs down blocks because the streets are narrow. Make sure you’re wearing something that you’ll trip over when you ask for candy.

choose a dense area

in his book city ​​for peopleJan Gehl states that a neighborhood can be considered “friendly” if it has at least 10 doors for every 100 meters of frontage. This is especially true for trick-or-treating. A low step-to-candy ratio is required to procure candy with maximum efficiency. The step from the sidewalk to the front door is also important, so look for a door close to pedestrian traffic.

Suburban streets designed with cul-de-sacs and dead ends may reduce through traffic but are terrible for trick-or-treating. I don’t want to make it to the end of the block and find that I have to backtrack. It’s a waste of time. So look for neighborhoods with interconnected layouts of small streets designed like a grid.

Decorate and participate in the community

Not trick or treat that’s all About getting the best candy.If so, you’d better drop $30 on your favorite treat and stay home. Feeling of holidays. To do that, you’ll need to find one of your neighborhoods where everyone is. into the Halloween: You need a block full of Halloween geeks who do their best to decorate.

A block not far from me is row after row of fully decorated Halloween display homes. It’s competitive and that means better candy. It also attracts more trick-or-treating, which only adds to the festive atmosphere. It means that you are a very nice person.

If you want to experience Halloween as a whole, consider trick-or-treating in the old district. The houses are likely close together, with friendly front porches, walkable sidewalks, and narrow streets, and old homes are eerie.

How to Find the Best Neighborhoods for Trick or Treating

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