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How to find bad virus recipes

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Cheez-It’s probably the perfect snack. The toast and salty rectangle around it (are you ready for this?) 101 yearsNot only does it have a crispy buttery flakes, but it also has the ability to be easily grabbed without having to look at the box. Toast bubbles? Incomparable. Mainly their constitution of cheese? Exceptional.

So when I watched a viral video on TikTok and explained how to make them at home with just two materials, I knew this experiment was my future. Why would you want to make a small batch at home when you can buy it in bulk for $ 3.29? Well, for some reason.

Some of us want to feel the comfort of baking and the self-sufficiency of being a frontier person for snacks at the same time. Also, as someone who chooses Cheez-Its over Cheez-Its as a snack after dinner, it’s also a problem that you can put a full box in your pantry and unknowingly over-consume it while you’re watching. Bridgerton After a completely healthy dinner. Therefore, a finite tray of freshly baked cheese potato chips sounds like just the right amount. This reflects my rating on a material list that contains only two items.

As anyone using TikTok knows, if you don’t like or save the video in real time, you’ll never find it again, so I followed the instructions for the video I couldn’t find anymore.But This is similar I will explain how.

As mentioned above, the material is simple:

  • Cheddar cheese slice
  • Flaky salt
  • Parchment paper
  • Straw
  • Baking sheet

Original video recommended for use Ultra-thin sliceBut I used the one I had at hand for the cheese drawer (yes, it’s the whole drawer): some Sargent medium cheddar and 365 brand mild cheddar (a little thick slice).

How to make your own “Cheez-Its”

Cut each cheese slice into 4 squares. Place the square on a top plate lined with parchment. (Leave at least 1 inch between the squares, otherwise bake together. This is terrible Things, more effort to pull them apart. ) Poke each square in the middle with a straw and remove a small amount of cheese to make that trademark cheese-it looks. Sprinkle with flake salt and bake in an oven at 275 ° F for 22-25 minutes.


So was it Cheez-It? No, it’s not.

Twenty-two minutes later, it resembled thin, textured potato chips that were full of cheese-like flavor but lacked the hard potato chips like Cheez-It. (Also, the straw was meaningless. When the cheese melted, the holes disappeared.)

The first bite released a satisfying crunch, while the subsequent bites were much more chewy and saturated with traces of melted milk fat. Were they terrible? Not at all. But they weren’t Cheez-Its.

Take out

Why didn’t it work? In the words of Claire Lower, Lifehacker’s senior food editor, “this is a bad recipe.” OK, fair enough.But how do non-food experts Do you find such a bad recipe?

Claire continued after pointing out that the main problem with the recipe was the lack of flour. “First, take a look at the ingredient list of what you’re trying to duplicate. If the” hack “recipe doesn’t have a key component, that’s the first clue. (Cheez-Its? The first ingredient in the flour box.) Instead, sHe recommends This DIY Cheez-It recipe From pastry chefs and Serious Eats writers Stella Park As a better option.

Conclusion: If you’re trying to duplicate your favorite snack or mass-produced junk food at home and the viral recipe hack looks too good to be true, it’s probably the case. Please read the original label. If your hack recipe does not contain some versions of the main ingredients, please continue with caution.

How to find bad virus recipes

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