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How to find (and stimulate) the erogenous zones of all your partners

Anyway, where is the erogenous zone?Image of the article titled

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THere, sex and foreplay are more important than obvious.Know and understand your partner Erogenous zone — and yourself —Is the key to increasing you Sexual satisfaction..The The big ones are obvious —clitoris, Penis head —But you I really want to Heat things up.

“The erogenous zone is a sensitive area of ​​the body that triggers a sexual arousal response.” Megwin White, a clinical sexologist and director of education, said: Satisfied.. “”There is no specific answer as the number of erogenous zones can actually vary from person to person. PPeople with the vulva and those with the penis can have different types of erogenous zones, so their numbers are not mutually exclusive. “

As White note, Not all bodies are the same —Means another person When different parts of the body are stimulated, they react with sexual arousal-So this is Important (and fun) to do your experimentAnd of your partner) An erogenous zone to find out what really turns you on.

“The erogenous zone can play an important role in your own foreplay before masturbation or with your partner,” says White. “Erogenous zones can vary from person to person, so it’s important to communicate with your partner about what feels good to you. It’s a fun way to know your own and your partner’s preferences.”

When exploring White points out that there are multiple ways to provide sexuality, both solo and with a partner. Stimulation In addition to using your nakedness finger.. “Finger vibrator, etc. Satisfyer High Fly When Satisfyer Candy CaneIs a great tool for exploring different erogenous zones, either on your own or with your partner, as it can be used throughout the body. ”

Again, exploration and communication are the keys to finding out what works for you and your partner, but in the meantime. White shares some of the most popular erogenous zones to start your expedition..


This is probably not a surprise. “Each nipple has hundreds of nerve endings, and some people reach orgasm with nipple stimulation,” explains White. MEveryone enjoys mouth stimulation —Kissing, licking, sucking —On their nipples, Or use That toy Imitation Oral stimulation.

Inside the thigh

The inside of the thigh is very sensitive. Even the light Grazing tough or Stroking slowly can make someone feel It’s pretty hot and I’m curious. “The other areas that are great for experimenting are the slow strokes inside the thighs, behind the thighs, and along the buttocks,” says White. “All of these areas help increase connections to the muscles of the pelvic floor and ultimately indirectly cause orgasmic contractions.”

Inner wrist

Surprisingly Sensitive area! TGently caress your partner’s wrist or gently kiss and lick it to heat up.You may be even entangles your wrist with your partner’s in the heat of the moment.

Nape of the neck

The neck is so sensitive that you can turn your hips on with just a touch. This makes sense.s White note, Inside the thigh, behind the thigh, nape of the neck, Even the arch “Everything is the perfect area to bridge the connection to the sexual center and focus beyond the genitals.” One way to explore the neck is to move your finger along the neck or gently blow and kiss. Is to do.


There is a reason fThe oot massage feels very good. Treat your partner as one, Then try different strokes and pressure types until you find the rhythm that hits you. You may try to suck and lick their toes and feet.


If you get a nice scalp massage, you know how tingling it can make you feel. It’s because of its many nerve endings.Give your partner a deep and sensual scalp massage during foreplay to make sure you focus on the area Behind the ears and just above the neck.

The most sensitive area of Vulva

Well, obviously. but, White noteThe vulva has multiple erogenous zones, the clitoris One-alBait Most sensitive, About 8,000 nerves are all concentrated in one area. “People with vulva tend to need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm,” says White. “”Oral sex gives you more opportunities to experiment with different stimuli and uniquely target the highly sensitive erogenous zone, the clitoris. “

In oral sex, “you can really take the time to explore the vulva while intuitively observing changes in arousal such as pelvic muscle pulsation, increased blood flow, and lubrication,” White said. say.

Try kissing, sucking and licking with different pressures and tempos, finger stimulation and hands, with or without your partner.

The most sensitive area of penis

When looking for the most sensitive areas of Penis, White says he wants to target the glans, zonules, foreskin, scrotum, And testicles.

“Like the glans penis, the glans penis is the most sensitive area and the nerve endings are very concentrated,” says White. “Just below the glans is the zonule. This is a very erogenous zone and is often not paid enough attention. Your tongue and mouth hold the glans penis and at the same time or independently. And can direct the intensive stimulation of the zonule. “

Similarly, according to White, your mouth can stroke sensitive tissue within the shaft and adjust the focus of your tongue to different zones with wave-like pressure. “Similar to the vulva, you can also use your hand for supporting roles such as stroking the length of the shaft or stroking laterally.“She adds.

“With these erogenous zones, we can see that emotions emerge and intimacy with our partners naturally grows,” says White. “This shift —Inclusive of the whole body through the discovery of the erogenous zone —Not only is it a game changer of sexual self-confidence, but it also truly embraces the multifaceted sensibilities of the skin, helping to unleash sensual reification. “

How to find (and stimulate) the erogenous zones of all your partners

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