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How to find a good hotel gym

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During my recent vacation, I stayed in two different hotels. One of them had a workout paradise, or gym as close as you could get without a barbell. There were dual cable machines, dumbbells up to 75 pounds, and competition-sized kettlebells (!). 2 A place to do pull-ups, various suspension trainers, medicine balls, etc., and in cardio machines A genuine Peloton bike. another gym? It’s just a small rack of dumbbells, two treadmills, and climate control in a tropical swamp.

If you can afford to choose different hotels, try to check all you can Hotel gym and use it for calculations. But sometimes you don’t have much choice. For example, if he is the only hotel in the area with rooms in this price range. I still check out gyms before I arrive. Knowing what to find helps me plan my workouts Consider whether to bring additional equipment, Like some resistance bands. And if you know in advance that your hotel gym isn’t meeting your needs, you can start looking for one with a day pass as part of your travel planning.

How to research a hotel gym

First of all, look at all the photos when booking a hotel. Scrolling through pictures of bedrooms and conference rooms, there is usually at least one picture of a “fitness centre.” Save this photo, but keep looking.check On Google Maps, The usual find the same expert Photo, Along with photos taken by visitors. Decisively, these are Photos tend to include the date. So if one photo shows a cable machine and one photo does not, it may be possible to determine if the machine was added or removed.

Then, if you haven’t found enough recent photos yet, take a look at the hotel review site, Instagram map display.can be taken normally A few The idea of ​​what you’ll encounter once you get there.

You can also call the hotel and ask what is available.this is It’s the most direct route, but the people at the front desk may not be able to elaborate on the fitness center, especially if they don’t know the names of all the machines and equipment. Whether the room has been recently refurbished or how many treadmills it has. I ask one more important question.Is the fitness center open 24/7 or does it have set hours?

What to look for in a hotel gym

Looking at the photo, I like to imagine myself in a room. I envision four walls and ask myself what’s inside each. I try to mentally subtract the fisheye effect that makes pictures of small rooms look bigger.No matter what you look at, it can be cramped than the pictures suggestDon’t assume you can find a space to do some stretching or floor exercises unless you see signs such as a rolled up yoga mat.

As I zoom in on the photo, I ask myself the following questions:

  • What is the weight range available? Dumbbell racks typically start at 5 pounds and can go up to 25, 50, or 75 pounds.
  • What is Weights like kettlebells and medicine balls? I haven’t seen a hotel kettlebell over 30lbs, but you probably have better luck than me.
  • Do you have a cable machine? If so, are the pulleys movable? What kind of attachments do you have?
  • Do you have a place to do pull-ups? (Many cable machines have pull-up handles on top.)
  • What Cardio Machines Are Available? What Can You Tell Me? brand, and its characteristics?
  • What are the room amenities?There are often towels, water coolers, and maybe even Free wired earphones. Consider the possibility that you have no earbuds, only paper cones in your water cooler, and no convenient location. Please bring your own.

Finally, you’re looking for rough Match the workouts you want with the equipment available. I like to be able to do some push, pull and leg exercises in addition to cardio. (perform a chest press or shoulder press), but Leg exercises are a little more difficult. Great if you have a leg press machine! Otherwise, you’ll end up using dumbbells from the heavier end of the rack for lunges and step-ups.

How to get the most out of a bare-bones hotel gym

When it comes to strength training, unilateral exercises are often the best way to train your legs. please give me. I like to do a “kickstand” or “B-stance” style like this. In this style, one leg carries most of the weight, while the other leg provides a little balance and support. Since you only move one leg at a time, it doesn’t require as much weight as a regular squat or deadlift.

You can also bring a few things to help round out your workout if you think your gym doesn’t have enough stock.

  • resistance band, band pull apartIn a barebone gym, pulling exercises may be limited to a row of dumbbells, so this gives you some versatility.
  • a suspension traineryou can use it in your hotel room or gym as long as you have a place to secure it.
  • strapThis way, your grip doesn’t have to limit how many reps you can do.
  • Headphones (wired and/or wireless) to connect to if your cardio machine has a screen.
  • A bottle of water in case you get those little paper cones.
  • Towels in case the gym equipment runs out, but they are available from your hotel room if needed.

If your cardio machines feel boring (or your machines are broken or your room is uncomfortable), always consider jogging or walking outdoors. Some hotels can recommend convenient and safe running routes in their area, or check apps like Strava to find popular routes. Hotel pools aren’t usually great for lap swimming, but if you’re lucky, you’ll be fine.

How to find a good hotel gym

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